How to be if in the relations you feel cold

How to be if in the relations you feel cold

Sometimes, that still yesterday the cordial and passionate relations seemed the magic fairy tale, and today you feel one alienation, cold and pessimism. But it is a natural stage through which there passes practically each couple and which can be overcome successfully.

The coldness reasons in the relations

If there are no good reasons for break in relations, then psychologists call such period in the relations "cold". It is characterized by cooling, lack of interest to each other, apathy, dissatisfaction, discontent, etc. The only explanation for it is fading of feelings. It is necessary to be engaged in their rehabilitation at this stage since after the relation will save nothing any more, and then as a result the gap is inevitable.

First of all, it is not necessary to be frightened, any relations endure take-off and falling. If your partner is dear to you, try to treat it calmly and wisely. Do not panic and do not break the evil on the second half. The much bigger effect can achieve if to use this time for forming of qualitatively new relations, building them to higher level.

Begin with yourself, be not obsessed with the existing problem. Follow an example of men, they endure troubles less painfully in the relations since they steep in work. Try to transfer all the negative emotions to music, sport, books or drawing. Be engaged in what will be able to give you pleasure and will force to forget about problems. Try to find good points in all that surrounds you.

Prevention of alienation in the relations

If in your relations there came the "cold" period, safely go to a joint fascinating travel. It is possible to be passed in the places full of the general memoirs, or visit the country in which you carried out a honeymoon. You descend together in favourite institutions, remember the history of acquaintance, try to rejoice to every second spent together. It will help to return or refresh your feelings. Do not turn into boring people and do not degrade. Try not to sit up at home, go with friends to theater, cinema, the museums or just on walks on the city more often. In any ways avoid a routine, invite guests, organize parties. As often as possible visit places where you were together in the first days of acquaintance where met or made a declaration of love each other. Think up the small holidays: Day of the first recognition or Day of the first kiss. You do not stint caress, kisses and embraces. Frequent touches bring together. You tell each other warm words more often and show the admiration of the partner. Also you should not punish the man lack of proximity since it can provoke treason, and then the gap is inevitable. Be different. The woman has to be, first of all, a riddle. Change the image, experiment with a hairstyle, a make-up, clothes style. Be interested at the partner more often that attracts him in your image what he would like. Never remember former quarrels, reproaches and offenses, you learn to forgive, forget and start life with a clean slate. In it the main secret of family happiness and harmony is concluded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team