How to be with the lover's wife

How to be with the lover's wife

The second half of the lover can become a serious problem in the relations of loving couple. Or perhaps on the contrary to be pleasant addition to the romantic relations. Everything depends on how the mistress will build up the relationship with the legal wife of the lover.


1. If your purpose is to catch the man in undivided use, then it is not obligatory to be too soft on his wife at all. Therefore it is possible just to report to her about your affair with her man. In most cases the offended competitor will turn out the unfaithful husband. However such way is fraught that your lover can not forgive a similar initiative and will leave for good family not to you.

2. Much more simply, psychologists assure, not to go into conflict with the wife of your beloved, and, on the contrary, to make friends with her. However, be ready that not each deceived woman will want to have with you something the general. An initiative do not show, wait for that moment when you understand that it not only is ready, but also itself wants to meet and talk to you.

3. Prepare that to gain her trust and to agree that you will divide one man for two, it will be rather difficult. However there is nothing impossible. Just if both of you are rather wise to understand the husband and the lover then common language will be simpler to be found. There is a number of men who lack only one woman. And they can do nothing with it. If they have an opportunity to adequately support both one, and other woman, then and it will be simple to agree.

4. As option, you can just reconcile to its presence, the truths not to look for and be content with the position of the mistress. It is one of the easiest ways to coexist with the lover's wife - it is not necessary to meet anybody, nothing to discuss and consider. If you agree to be content always with a supporting role, then is not obligatory to disturb the spouse of the beloved at all.

5. The main rule, do not rush to explanatory conversations, charges and reasonings, without having thought. For a start sit down, exhale and carefully consider everything. Weigh all pluses and minuses of any given your decision, think what waits for you when you open cards before the wife of darling. If to you bothered to be the mistress and there is a wish for the stable relations, it is optional to destroy foreign family. It is rather simple to put the end to the affair with not free man and to find the partner suitable only you.

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