How to become the wise wife

How to become the wise wife

Really wise woman can make the marriage strong and happy, and the relations with the beloved - harmonious. If you want to improve the family life, reconsider the view of the relations with the husband.


1. Build up your relationship with the spouse on the basis of love, mutual understanding and respect. These categories have to be present at harmonious couple. Protect feelings of each other. Do not assume that your sincere attachment and tenderness developed into a habit when the husband and the wife cease to express care and caress. You share the thoughts and experiences with the husband. Be open and honest.

2. You should not limit freedom of your spouse. Understand that he needs personal space and time for himself. It is not necessary to rise between the husband and his hobby, to express discontent concerning his friends. Be engaged in the private life better, get some hobby, meet with girlfriends more often. It is not necessary to be dissolved in the spouse completely and the more so to demand the same in reply.

3. Do not criticize the husband at it behind the back. You should not discuss details of your matrimonial life with strangers, let it even your close friends or relatives. You chose such man, live with him, so, this your free decision. Therefore it is not necessary to complain of darling. In the presence of other people try not to sort out the relations with the elect and not to express discontent with your marriage. Solve all problems alone.

4. It is not necessary to show the spouse the jealousy. Believe, this emotion is capable to destroy marriage. Making to the man a groundless complaint in incorrectness, you show the low self-assessment, uncertainty in the appeal. Besides, the suspicions you show mistrust in relation to the husband. If you are disturbed by any moment, quietly talk to the spouse and clear all details.

5. Do not try to change the elect. Accept him it what it is, with all its features. Do not forget that you distinguished such person from all applicants for your heart and fell in love. It is not necessary to wish that your spouse lost the identity and changed the habits. Cardinally he will not change any more. You knew whom you marry. If you something does not arrange not to torment, maybe, better either the husband, or itself at all.

6. Stock up with patience. Remember that marriage is series of compromises. Sometimes it is necessary to renounce something for the sake of family happiness. It is impossible to get love and happiness and at the same time to offer nothing. Sometimes you should give up on own desires. Sometimes it is necessary to concede for the sake of the world in family and general wellbeing, and really wise wife understands it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team