How to bring up the husband

How to bring up the husband

Education of the husband is also important, as well as education of children. Business it not simple and very delicate, to retrain the adult, it is much more difficult, than the child. And before you receive that the husband of whom you dreamed, there will pass not one year of tiresome trainings. Fortunately, there is a set of rules on education of the husband. Carrying out these rules, you will achieve that your elect will grow up the clever, wealthy and obedient head of family.


1. Begin education of the husband even before marriage. Clever women from the first days of acquaintance begin to bring up future spouse. Warm up ambition and male pride, sending them to the course, necessary for you. Act so: "I am proud of you! You are the cleverest and talented! You will achieve everything if you are able correctly to use the abilities".

2. Do not forget that as it is banal, but the way to heart of the man lies through a stomach. You feed the husband tasty, and he will never leave to another. Do not follow advice of girlfriends, say, "you indulge him, will manage also pelmeni". You feed with semi-finished products – be ready to lose the husband.

3. Never arrange scandals and hysterics. You remember, men physically suffer from female tears, and it is possible to use tears in achievement of the purposes very seldom as the strongest antibiotics.

4. Live with the husband by the principle of the first appointment. Be always mysterious and attractive, you are respectful to its interests and thoughts.

5. In the course of education of the husband use such tools as love, sincerity, understanding and patience.

6. Leave the right of the spouse for independent decision-making. You do not direct the husband, and only push him in the necessary party.

7. You say to the husband that you love him, and he for you will pull up trees.

8. Also you remember that even the most wonderful man it is possible scandals, hysterics and unreasonable claims to turn into the loser. Be wise and tactful, and at you everything will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team