Why parents are an education basis

Why parents are an education basis

Parental care and love are leaders in the course of education. For successful formation of the personality it is necessary to make so that the child felt that it is loved and appreciated. At education the parental authority, that influence which is rendered by mother and the father is of great importance.

There is a communication between features of specific family, the educational environment and psychological climate. In psychologically successful family the purposeful firm personality capable to give to the children caress and care is formed. The main prerequisites of education are: - correctly organized life;

- regime of the child in family.

The answer to the question "Why Parents Are an Education Basis?" finds the reflection in works of A.S. Makarenko, V.I Panov, G.P. Pozdnyakova and some other scientists. They claimed that only through education it is possible to pass on fully socio-historical experience, to influence systematically consciousness and behavior of the person, to provide necessary conditions for further development, to be prepared for public life and professional activity.

Parental care is the leading form of educational activity. It defines how many forces and time parents can give to the kids. That how happy will be the childhood depends on love and care. V.A. Sukhomlinsky said that the child has to be sure that he is loved very strongly and infinitely. It creates prerequisites for normal formation of the personality, for emergence of feeling of safety and internal feeling of comfort. A task of parents to let the child know that he is the same family member and has to care for others as it is done in relation to it.

The authority does not appear in itself, it has to be created in each family. Sometimes parents will organize it on the false bases what in the works A.S. Makarenko mentioned. The authority of kindness when practically everything is allowed to the child treats such look, and the kid grows in the atmosphere of execution of any whim or a whim. The person with unreasonable claims, requirements who is not recognizing any bans is result of such education. Allocate the following types of false authorities: - to vain pride; - pedantry; - bribery; - reasoning; - distances. It is difficult to gain authority on eyes of the son or the daughter. Its obligatory elements are the opinion on the family, behavior of parents in the bosom of the family and beyond its limits, acts of adult family members. Thus, the authority of parents – influence of the father and mother on education which is based on mutual respect, trust.

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