How to choose when you love both

How to choose when you love both

To the woman who managed to fall in love with two men at once, it is necessary to make a choice. Otherwise she should conduct a double life, deceiving the relatives. Besides, the indecision of the woman can bring it to elects many sufferings.


1. Try to understand with whom you would like to remain forever who would be wished to be made the partner in life. A time of people confuses love with passion, with fleeting, but very strong hobby. If you make the wrong choice, love will pass after a while, and you will bitterly regret that banished the native person for the sake of short passion.

2. Think whom you are afraid to lose more. For example, if you cannot imagine awakening without darling nearby, miss when it is not with you, discuss with it all important decisions, then his loss can be very serious. If you meet the man seldom and just like to spend pleasantly time with him, then it will be easier to wean from it.

3. Analyze your relations. Think which of men suits you more with whom you quarrel less often who cares for you more often and understands better. Try to be objective, feelings often force people to close eyes to very important shortcomings of beloved. For example, if the man at least once raised a hand against you, it is not necessary to acquit him. Just you leave to another.

4. Consider also such important things as presence of family, joint business, children, etc. If you think that you love the husband and the lover equally, choose the husband. On the other hand, if you is not married, and one of your elects is married, it is better for you to leave him alone and to choose the free man. And if you destruction of foreign family does not worry, think that your elect can not throw the wife for the sake of you.

5. Answer yourself for the sake of which of men you are ready for bigger. To whom will you run first of all if both of them suddenly are hospitalized? Whom do you support if suddenly to discharge him from office? Who is ready to be protected from evil attacks of your friends? Be sincerely at least with yourself and try to arrive as heart and a female intuition prompts to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team