How to define that he is in love with you

How to define that he is in love with you

To understand whether he is in love with you, or just takes a friendly liking, sometimes happens hardly. Some men, for a number of reasons, can send to girls so contradictory signals that it is easier to decipher the espionage report, than to understand their intentions. On the one hand, you would never want to fall into a ridiculous state, to seem persuasive or desperate. With another, you so want to know that he feels. What should I do? To look narrowly and listen to it more attentively.

It is required to you

  • Interest
  • Observation
  • The simplest knowledge from the field of psychology


1. Pay attention to language of his body. When the man is interested in the woman, he tries to be as it is possible closer to her. During the conversation it is developed to the interlocutor by all case, bends in her party, tries to catch her eye. Being on other end of the room, he all the same will try to come into visual contact with you from time to time. Catch his eye and draw close attention to pupils. If they extend at the sight of you, he precisely feels attraction. Consider that your eyes if you like what you see, with the same readiness will give also you to it.

2. You watch his behavior. Having seen the woman, attractive to it, the man begins to behave as a peacock. He corrects a hairstyle, a tie, cuff links, pulls lightnings on a jacket and in every possible way smartens up. If the woman it is far from it, he involuntarily begins to raise the voice in a conversation to draw her attention to itself. Gradually it will move on the room so that to be closer to that which attracts it. This behavior cannot almost be taken under control as it is put in us by nature. For it we are only males and the samochka following instincts.

3. Compare his behavior. Pay attention to how he behaves with other girls. If he is equally relaxed with all, tries to embrace, make laugh all, before everyone "spreads a tail", it is bad sign. And here if it with all is relaxed and natural, and with you is shy and timid, then it is an indicator that you it is more important than others for it.

4. Analyze about what he talks to you. If he asks you more, than tells about himself, he is precisely in love. Only an object of passion can be interesting to the person more, than he. If he in detail is interested in your interests, then you, definitely, attract interest of him. If he teases you a little, then he wants to capture all your attention with guarantee.

5. Look narrowly and listen to people around. Usually from outside ours are more visible than love to someone, than that with whom we are in love. If his friends tease him when you are near, they or something precisely know, or notice something that you miss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team