How to distract from love

How to distract from love

The love is remarkable feeling. However it not always is mutual and happy. The person can suffer for many years, loving meekly. Other adverse scenario – deep feelings to the improper person. If it about you, an exit one – to distract from love.


1. Control the thoughts. At first it is necessary to you hardly, but try not to think of darling and not to dream of him. You catch these thoughts and nip them in the bud. Well the interesting and giving pleasure occupation helps to distract: read, be engaged in creativity, begin to attend courses, register in fitness club or the pool, etc. Having arrived in this way, you receive double advantage: you will distract from thoughts of love and you will acquire new knowledge and skills.

2. Be focused on yourself and the future. It is impossible to think of the past eternally – plan the future without people and the feelings bringing you only negative emotions. Think of yourself only well. You should not assume even thoughts that you were not loved because of any shortcomings. You love yourself, you are individual and unique and therefore are worthy the one who will present you happiness.

3. Be engaged in the appearance: change image, update clothes. For girls shopping in general is the most effective cure for warm experiences. Also care of someone helps to distract from any thoughts very effectively: get a pet, do charity work.

4. Pay attention to nice representatives of an opposite sex around you: give yourself a chance to meet the true love. Sooner or later you will become interested in somebody, and there will be a new hobby. For now it did not occur - communicate, have a good time, visit beautiful places and derive pleasure from life.

5. Avoid actions which can stir up your feelings: do not meet the one whom you want to forget, avoid places where this person often is. You seek to get as much as possible joyful emotions: if you watch comedies, then read cheerful books, make friends with cheerful people. And when life will play bright paints, you also will forget to think of once darling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team