How to force the guy to return itself

How to force the guy to return itself

Any normal girl takes hard a break with the guy whom she sincerely loved. Even when she was an initiator of a gap. What to tell about those cases when it was thrown! Offense, the hurt pride, confusion. Some, especially impressionable girls, the gap is perceived, nearly as doomsday. They are ready to give themselves up as a bad job: means, I am ugly! Fortunately, business reaches such extremes seldom. Often the girl is ready to forgive and return the guy. But how to make it? How to force it to realize the mistake?


1. First of all, try to banish despondency and heavy thoughts, stop to be tormented with a remorse: "Probably, and I am guilty too …". Even if in a gap really there is a share of your fault, excessive self-criticism will not lead to anything good. It is necessary just to consider it on the future not to repeat the same mistakes.

2. Constantly inspire in yourself: I not only beautiful, look good, I draw attention of men, but also is happy with life, I am in harmony with the world. Increase in an internal self-assessment – very important and absolutely necessary stage if you resolved to return the former love!

3. And any attempts to meet, speak, reconcile! In most cases, it will only bring into irritation of the former beloved: well and the importunate bore, will not lag behind in any way! And what only it found in you earlier?

4. Instead make very strong and really safe course – wake up feelings of jealousy in the former beloved. Alas, the excessive male self-confidence is peculiar to many guys: like, I need to whistle – at least dozen same little girls will run and whether it though here will find someone another – a big question! As soon as he sees that you not only did not fall into despair from a gap, but obviously awakened attention of other guy, for it it will be heavy psychological blow. And he for certain will think: "But whether I committed a blunder?"

5. Therefore you should remember that on your former beloved "there are other fish in the sea". There is a great number of other guys! Even if the relations with someone from them will not come further harmless flirtation, it will be very useful to increase in the same self-assessment.

6. If efforts bear fruits, that is the former beloved reminded of himself phone call or the SMS message, - you should not answer excessively cold, especially is rough or mischievous. But also it is not necessary to hurry with "disclosure of embraces". The equal, sustained tone without sharpnesses, but also without warmth – what is required at the first stage of reconciliation. And further you already should improvise.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team