How to forgive the young wife for treason

How to forgive the young wife for treason

To manage to forgive treason, really strong love for the person and belief that he was mistaken is necessary, did a serious stupid thing and realized it. Anyway, treachery of darling will painfully wound and to manage to cross through it and to live with the spouse further, a lot of time sometimes is required.

Women's treason: who is to blame?

Treason happened what's next? You intend to forgive your wife, but how to make it? Thoughts of this situation arise in your consciousness again and again. Besides, can remind you of the treason fact accidentally and your "well-wishers" – neighbors, fellow workers and even friends and relatives. The last can insist on that you threw the traitress of the family center. But you should remember that your life is your decisions, and their consequences will affect, first of all, you.

First of all, analyze a situation. Why changed you? What went not so in your family life? Whether there is no your fault in it and? Perhaps, you paid not enough attention to the spouse? Or she decided to revenge thus you for something? Each specific situation is individual, motives of forgiveness also depend on it.

Try to look at your family life with the spouse's eyes. Perhaps, you ask a question of what after all was not enough for it? Most likely, your attention, warmth, care. Perhaps, after your wedding her life was limited only to questions of life, education of children other? Honestly answer yourself a question: whether there is in your life a place for romanticism, rest and entertainments whether you show your feelings in relation to the beloved? Treason can happen and for the reason that you too limited freedom of your wife, were too jealous. Sometimes husbands the behavior involuntarily push the spouse to make a fatal step, forbidden fruit is sweetest. If in what occurred you feel also the guilt, it will be easier to forgive the wife. Besides you need to draw certain conclusions and from now on to change the attitude to the second half, paying it more attention.

How to behave to the spouse after betrayal of the wife?

What to do if you tried how you could, in everything pleased the spouse, and she all the same changed you? If you do not see the reasons for treason, ask about them your wife. Discuss a situation in a quiet situation, perhaps, in your joint life it does not accept something from this about what you even did not suspect. Try not to prove her guilt and your case – if you sincerely want to forgive the person loved by you, it is necessary to look for a solution in common. Learn from the spouse about her further intentions. What feelings does she have to your rival? Whether she is interested in marriage preservation? Let it know that to you it is very painful because of her treachery, but you are ready to forgive treason and to try to construct anew your family center. Having decided to forgive to treason to the wife, make it once and for all. Do not come back to reproaches and offenses, start family life with a clean slate. It is not necessary to limit freedom of the wife, to establish for it rules of conduct in society, etc. At the same time, surely let the spouse know that the next treason will become the last in your joint life. Having found out the causes of the event and having drawn certain conclusions, try to forget about all this quicker. Remember that nobody is insured from the mistakes made people on the earth exists.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team