How to get acquainted in the train

How to get acquainted in the train

According to psychologists, in the train to people not only easier and to get to talking and acquainted, but also to communicate about the most intimate - very soon the fellow traveler will leave at the stop, having forever carried away with himself a secret...

Pluses and minuses of acquaintance in the train

It is quite simple to get acquainted in the train even for indecisive and silent people. Quite often disposes to communication as the atmosphere (knock of wheels, an anticipation of a trip or forthcoming holiday, etc.), and a look outside the window. Even during discussion of everyday issues it is possible to find a basis for a conversation which will smoothly flow in acquaintance to ease.

It is possible to ask the nice young man to put a bag on the top shelf, or, on the contrary, to get something from above. Such trifle will be able to arrange the interlocutor and to become a basis for further communication. The slow conversation under knock of wheels behind a glass of tea can be devoted practically to anything - discussing a look outside the window and the flying by cities, it is possible to tell about where it was already succeeded to visit for a start. Or, on the contrary, where there is a wish to go and why - if the interlocutor will support a subject, it is possible to learn very much as about his personality, and plans, and even to the relation to life, not to mention character and temper.

It is possible to get acquainted as with people who as the fates decree appeared on the neighboring places and with other passengers of the car - for this purpose it is only necessary to leave in a corridor or to visit a dining-car. According to psychologists, people during the trips, especially by train, are easily adjusted on a romantic harmony and are located to acquaintance. However to the girls who are looking for the elect and inclined to see those in many nice people, it is worth reminding that the sent father of family for whom the house the loving spouse and five children waits can sometimes appear the passenger. Therefore you should not hurry with conclusions and after half-hour, let and such heart-to-heart talk, to make far-reaching plans.

To get acquainted - that is not all...

Ease of acquaintances and communication in the train, unfortunately or maybe sometimes and fortunately, is counterbalanced with their fragility. Of course, many cases when couples which got acquainted during the trip lived long and happily are known, but... According to a number of psychologists, so-called "effect of a compartment" when people freely and easy communicate with strangers on various subjects, including, describing own experience, it is caused by the fact that ahead - fast and inevitable parting. Letting into the secrets and fears the person living in Irkutsk can come back home to Kaliningrad with peace of mind - the interlocutor, probably, will nevermore meet. Similar can occur not only in the train when people feel the need to be uttered, having discussed sore. And it is sometimes simpler to trust in the stranger who will not condemn, will not tell acquaintances or will not be able to bring any unpleasant feelings in the future. If in the train the romantic relations were entered, the forecast can be the most various. Any given outcome depends on a set of factors, and is connected with the mass of nuances in life of each of partners, in particular, their work, interests, friends. Sometimes, that going out of the train newly minted couple is almost ready to connect the further life. However having exchanged phones, after a while people are so absorbed by affairs that "the acquaintance from the train" can cause already absolutely other emotions, and thoughts of continuing communication - gradually come to naught... But the situation can sometimes be absolutely opposite, leading to a wedding and happy joint life - everything depends only on specific people and their desires.

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