How to learn everything about the woman

How to learn everything about the woman

Can tell her personal belongings, an environment, appearance about the woman. To what signs it is worth paying attention that it was possible to judge character of the woman we will consider further.


1. The most exhaustive idea of preferences and characteristics of the woman can be received, having examined her apartment or the house. Color of wall-paper and furniture, small knickknacks will allow to tell about a hobby of the owner of the room and about her state of mind. So, the red color a lot of presented in a house situation demonstrates expressional character, leadership skills and prepotent behavior. Hanging photos on all apartment speak about sensitive ladies, romantic, inclined to experiences and constantly returning to past experience. The strict urbanistic order in the apartment hints that before you the woman who does not waste the words and loves an order both in working affairs, and in private life. At this woman the action plan for the next months is drawn up long ago and time is planned.

2. The clothes of the woman are also verbose, as well as her dwelling. If in clothes there are more saturated flowers, things, bright and various on style, therefore, you on a visit at the cheerful person who wishes to experiment with the choice of a toilet and with whom it is easy to find a common language. Especially business clothes of gray shades speak about workaholism, iron character and a business grasp.

3. Examine a female handbag. If in a bag the creative disorder, means and the lady has problems with organization. Accurate young ladies carry accurate handbags or bags in which the place for each bagatelle is found.

4. Well and the woman if to ask her only one question, is capable to tell about herself a lot of things. So if you want to learn everything about the woman, invite her in restaurant, and behind a cup of tea or coffee have with it a heart-to-heart talk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team