How to learn, the person like you or not

How to learn, the person like you or not

Relationship of two people includes the uncertainty period when you liked some person, and you try to define whether he to you has similar feelings. This period can be both long, and short. But even if acquaintance proceeds promptly, the period of painful uncertainty all the same exists. How to learn, the person like you, or not?


1. If the person says to you that he somewhere already met you, it is good sign. Often it seems to people that they already somewhere saw the person who was pleasant to them. Therefore if say to you that somewhere you were already seen or that you are similar to someone, so your chances of reciprocal sympathy are really high.

2. To understand whether you made an impression on the person, it is possible on his views. Both men, and women most of all look at an object of the sympathy therefore if the person looks at you more often than on other interlocutors, it is one more sign that you are pleasant to it. At the same time it is necessary to watch an object of the sympathy attentively because sometimes people, especially young, hesitate to show the feelings and try not to look at the one who was pleasant to them. However out of the corner of the eye all of them watch an object of the sympathy. It is easy to see it if to take a closer look.

3. One more good way to learn feelings of the object of sympathy is reading a sign language. There is a lot of these gestures. For example, if you are in the big company, track towards whom his legs are directed - it is and there will be that person who strongly interests him. He can talk to one interlocutor while his legs will show of whom he thinks actually.

4. If the person repeats your gestures or your words, turns of speech, it also is sign of sympathy and attention to you.

5. Also sign that you are pleasant is desire of the person to touch you. If in a conversation he tries to be closer to you, touches by a hand to draw your attention, it also is one more sign of sympathy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team