What language speaks love

What language speaks love

According to researches, there are five languages of love, that is five ways to express the love for your elect.

The first language of love – time. When the person loves someone (or something), he finds for it all the free time.

The second – gifts. The lover seeks to please the elect with pleasant surprises, lovely knickknacks or expensive purchases.

The third – the words of admiration, or simply compliments.

The fourth says in the help and care.

The fifth language of love are touches.

It seems, everything is simple and clear. Why then between two people who love each other arise offense and misunderstanding? Why people who got married on love and love each other, make the decision to leave?

Usually, when lovers only met each other, at the very beginning of the relations, they use all five languages of love: care, spend much time together, give compliments, give gifts, touch to each other.

Further joint life, life, cares begins, children appear and already each spouse begins to show the love as it was accepted in his family, at his parents. And business here not in laziness and scarcity of imagination, and that in one family it is accepted to show the love quite so, and in other family – absolutely in a different way. One got used to get love in the form of silent care, and another waits for expensive gifts and never-ending streams of admiration. Love one is language different. Spouses just cease to hear and understand each other.

What can be made in that case? How to keep the relations and to live in them happily?

The wisest decision will learn language of the elect and to learn to use all five languages in relationship.

Of course, in order that two persons began to hear and understand each other, they, for a start, need to enter dialogue. The relations can be kept and strengthened only if both work on this task. Here then the love will play all paints and will give a lot of joy and pleasures. To the union of the lovers speaking with each other all five languages of love, any storm at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team