How to make so that the guy suggested to meet

How to make so that the guy suggested to meet

Happens so that the guy and the girl maintain the friendly relations, together study or work. She has a tender affection for it long ago and notices reciprocal sympathy in his eyes. But at the same time the girl does not know how to make so that he suggested it to meet.

If the guy does not take the first step, it seems to the girl that she cannot change a situation. The tradition orders to take steps to rapprochement to men. It is the best of all if he does not just take the initiative, but also will persistently try to obtain attention of the darling. All this perfectly, but the clever girl can push carefully and unostentatiously him on this way. And that can happen that he will not understand that happiness was absolutely close.

That the guy suggested to meet, the girl needs to make so that with her he felt much better, than without her. The young man has to understand that she should appear nearby as he begins to experience positive emotions. Then the guy at last will decide to offer her the serious relations. Certainly, to achieve desirable result, the girl should make certain efforts.

First of all it is necessary to work over the appearance. How girls treated it, men first of all pay attention to the person and a figure, and notice mind and soul then. So on the way to achievement of the goal, perhaps, it will be required to glance in gym, hairdressing salon and beauty shop. It is very important to learn what interests, tastes and hobbies of the young man, then it will be much easier to find the general subjects for a conversation. At the same time, having learned what books, movies or bands he prefers, it is necessary most to get acquainted with them as it is possible better that communication was absolutely organic and the guy sincerely considered that he managed to meet so the person, similar to it. It is not less man, than women, need compliments and enthusiastic views, however it is necessary to do it rather thinly. You should not admire appearance of the young man loudly. It is better to ask him council from time to time, to laugh at his jokes, to be interested in his opinion on various questions. At the same time it is not necessary to be persuasive at all. Too many positive emotions can bother too. Simple and trouble-free reception – to drop for some time out of its sight that the guy began to miss and try to find for the girl who already won it sympathy. Then it is possible to appear unexpectedly and to indifferently continue communication. If the guy managed to become interested really, he will not want any more that the girl disappeared from his life, and will suggest it to meet.

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