How to move down from parents

How to move down from parents

Many young people have sooner or later a desire to live separately from parents. In one apartment with mother and the father it can be cozy and safe, but there is a wish to try to build the life, not to swear because of this act with relatives and to be convinced of the sufficient independence.

Some parents quietly accept desire of their child to leave a native nest, others grab heart and defiantly drip in a glass valerian. Anyway, it is necessary to take courage and to report to mother and the father about the decision. If your parents treat the second type, assure them that you made such decision not because you consider them boring and uninteresting people, and you are weighed by cohabitation. Assure the worrying relatives that you very much love them, you will call and to come to visit regularly.

Count the expenses and show to parents that you for everything will have enough money, and you will not die in poverty. Distribution of means will help to understand also to you what you can count on: the apartment or the room whether you can look for housing in the center, or it is better to pay attention to inexpensive apartments to peripheries. Remember that, at least, you have to have money for a rent, food, journey, purchase of household accessories. It is desirable that some sum fell on clothes and entertainments. If parents support your idea with moving, perhaps, they will suggest you to support at the beginning until you get up.

If you move down from parents to darling or plan to remove housing with friends, present your future cohabitants to mother and the father. They will be able to see who exactly will live with their precious fumes, and will probably be convinced that it is serious and responsible people who in case of temporary difficulties will not allow you to be gone.

At those young people who are able to prepare and do not fear will be to clean the room, obviously, a little less problems. At least, their parents will not worry that the child will die from hunger, without having managed to make the simplest dinner. The same who, living with careful mother, did not trouble himself house efforts should study house knowledge. You want that to relatives it was quieter – begin to do it even before moving. At least, mother with the father will be convinced that you are not hopeless, and you, if necessary, will be able always to ask them council. Be not frightened difficulties which can arise when moving. Perhaps, the apartment will be not at once, the father and mother will be upset and will feel old and unnecessary, and the first independently made courses will burn. If you decided to live separately, be persistent, and then desired moving will be made.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team