How to send away the guy it is beautiful

How to send away the guy it is beautiful

Sometimes the importunate attention of the guy can not only not please, but also is strong irritate. Especially, if he does not understand obvious hints on lack of interest at you in it. At such moments it is only necessary to send away him.


1. It is necessary to fight desire to flirt with you off the young man beautifully. And it implies, first of all, the polite address. Do not use obscene statements at all and do not row. It not only will expose you the silly and unpleasant person, but also can have sad consequences, for example, reciprocal inadequate behavior from its party.

2. The easiest way to get rid of the bothered boyfriend – to tell that you already have a guy, and the relations with it more than serious. Sane and reasonable young people after such explanation usually lag behind.

3. If you see that the guy is narrow-minded mind, kill him with the intelligence. Remember some clever book which you read scientific research, global problems and methods of fight against them. All the time argue only on similar things, you speak compound sentences, use the low-used words and do not allow it to draw you into a simple conversation. Desire on a fleeting affair will precisely beat off it.

4. More bright can be sent away by means of silence and terse answers. Make at it impressions of the boring and uninviting girl. In monosyllables answer his questions and do not set the. On a question of the hobbies, tell that you do not have them. At the same time it is important to create an image of boring, but not reserved person, otherwise you can intrigue it even more.

5. Present yourself as the mercantile girl whom only the material state or any other benefit interests in guys. Usually men do not love such women and try to steer clear of them. Ask on work, the salary, the car which it drives, and other similar things.

6. And if after such behavior your boyfriend still was not frightened, try to look at it other eyes. Perhaps, he is an ideal guy whose heart you could mention really.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team