What duties are women's and what only men's

What duties are women's and what only men's

In family life there can often be problems on the household soil. After unlucky day there is no wish to work in addition at home, especially if the spouse has a rest on a sofa at this time. Therefore it is very important to distribute household chores on men's and women's that further there were no altercations.

Each family independently resolves an issue of distribution of duties. If at the man it turns out it is better to prepare, than at his wife, you should not deprive family of a tasty dinner. And if the wife is capable to twist a bulb, you should not wait in the dark for the spouse. Only compromises and mutual understanding will help to create the pleasant and easy atmosphere with marriage.

Female duties

Cooking traditionally is considered the woman's duty though there are many male culinary specialists who love and are able to cook well. But often wives are engaged in this business, managing to cook various and useful dishes for all family.

Darning, knitting, sewing of buttons and other small repairs which can be carried out a needle with a thread. Women normally treat quiet and monotonous work therefore can sew up holes or sew a patch on clothes of the husband or children. Ironing too better turns out at women. The mountain of the crumpled linen imperceptibly turns into equal ranks under viewing favourite series. It is difficult to men to focus on this monotonous business. Education of the child occupies an important part in the woman's duties. Sometimes she should care at the same time for the child and to conduct a family life to be in time all to return of the spouse. House cleaning and creation of a cosiness generally is on women's care. To wash windows, to erase curtains, to wipe dust, to wash floors, plumbing and household appliances that everything in the apartment shone from purity. In addition it can decorate the apartment with pictures, figurines, flowers and other elements of a decor that it was beautiful.

Men's duties

Care of motor transport in many families lays down on the man. The rare woman understands the car, can repair it or replace some details. Therefore husbands undertake this duty and control a condition of the car not only the, but also spouses. Visits of shops lies or entirely on the man or he carries out an important role – carries heavy bags. Women cannot drag at the same time several kilograms of vegetables, packages of dairy and bakery products. At them better it turns out to make the list of purchases. Pochinki on the house. The blockage in a sink, repair of small breakages and analysis of electric devices, as a rule, falls on men. As a last resort, they use phones of masters for these purposes, and then control work performance. Partially cleaning of the apartment can be executed by the man. It is not difficult to vacuum the apartment, but it will help the wife to save time. In addition it is possible to load the dishwashing and washing machine. Or to wash the dishes in manual, the wife was engaged in cooking. In the private house the man has more duties – to chop firewood, to bring waters, to flood the furnace, to look after animals. Often at home it is necessary to repair if the roof proceeds or a floor was worn out.

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