How to tell the girl about children

How to tell the girl about children

You live with the girl rather long time together. It seems that already learned each other thoroughly and are sure of her as in themselves. You already think of full-fledged family with children, family visits of circus and trips to giving. But how to tell about the dreams to the girl?


1. Many guys to be afraid directly, to say to girls that they for creation of full-fledged family want to have the child. It seems to them that they will look ridiculously, having declared it to the darling. In fact it is very responsible moment in the relations. Desire to have children, says that your feelings came to a new step of development. That you really very much love this person and want to carry out with it all life.

2. But before stating it aloud, you have to consider everything well. Do you haveDo you haveDo you have such opportunity to speak about birth of the new person? Whether you are ready to those difficulties which expect young parents?

3. The birth of children will change all way of former life radically. Till the birth you have to be ready to some changes happening in an organism and mentality of future mother. You should encourage her and to help physically. Sometimes girls hard transfer the first pregnancy therefore be ready to visit constantly with it district clinic and advice centers, to take care and to show the raised affection.

4. With the birth of the little man your life will become much more nasyshchenny house efforts. You should come home a bit earlier to help on child care, to offer the evening meetings with friends behind beer in bar. To refuse visit of a football match. Perhaps, it is even necessary to reduce business trips.

5. Also the material aspect of a question has important value. All these modern carriages, pampers and various children's knickknacks cost a lot of money. Perhaps, it is even necessary to employ at first the assistant on child care, and these are still additional expenses. Whether you are ready to provide family, here of what it is necessary to think before such responsible step.

6. If all these difficulties do not frighten you, all of you properly considered and are ready to take the responsibility for future child, then in one of evenings create romantic atmosphere and gently tell: "Darling, I want us to have a child". And you will see how will begin to sparkle happiness of an eye of the beloved. She wanted to tell you the same long ago. And when through certain time you will have a child, he will be the happiest because it was conceived in mutual desire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team