Influence of group on the personality

Influence of group on the personality

And you knew that our many decisions and acts are caused not by our inner self, but group of people who how it appeared, put pressure upon you? It is interesting that many consciously do not notice it and are to the core convinced that are always faithful to the principles, and therefore it should be taken into account in details, whether so it actually, when it comes to influence of group on the personality.

Negative influence of group on behavior of the personality

First of all, it is important to note that if the person is not able to define the fact of influence on it of the majority in time, it is waited by the following consequences:

  • depersonalization - refusal of own principles, the opinion, identity;
  • the increased emotionality;
  • level of consciousness, feeling of the inner self, own world decreases;
  • if the personality gifted, the group lowers, and even erases, its creative potential;
  • the person becomes more disturbing, the interpersonal conflicts develop.

By the way, if to speak about disclosure of creative potential of the personality who is in group, then this process proceeds very slowly, and even stands still. The original ideas of the gifted person are rejected by society because the majority cannot understand them. Besides, such personality is under strong psychological pressure, and similar pressure suppresses her development.

Psychology and positive influence of group on the personality

During a number of psychological experiments it was found out that for some people the group can become a certain lifebuoy:

  • for the individual the group is a source of inspiration, development of its internal culture;
  • members of the group give to the personality support in any undertakings that cannot but encourage her;
  • everyone who consists in group acquires positive social norms;
  • at the person the self-assessment is formed, in group he obtains objective information about himself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team