Man's ideal

Man's ideal

There are no princes, we are reached only by horses. This expression is often used by young persons long ago ceased to trust in tales of existence of the man of their dream. But some nevertheless do not lose hope to find that prince and to cast in the lot with him. We decided to ask too a question what has to be the ideal man according to modern measures. And in the researches we decided to proceed not only from the existing standards, but also to use opinion of men. What from this left, read further.

The ideal man – what it?

Today under an image of the ideal man several options approach at once. It is impossible only having looked at the person to tell that he is ideal. And how here to be if some women like blondes, with another of the brunette, the third family men, and the fourth are attracted at all by contents of men's purses. Nevertheless, the psychological portrait of the ideal man can be generalized more or less. Let's begin with such important line as quality of the ideal man:

  1. The ideal candidate for husbands, according to women beautifully looks after, drives at cinema and restaurants, does not love soccer and adores a cat of the companion. Also he is on friendly terms with her mother, he loves children and to all other benevolent, kind and beautiful.
  2. The ideal man has to be the amazing spouse. That who and after the wedding continues to be attentive, to indulge, give gifts. He is ready to listen to complaints about problems at work, devotes days off to family and trips on shops and parents. He puts the things on shelves, washes the dishes after a lunch, and still he adores pottering with all children.
  3. The ideal man for women a priori cannot be the bad lover. He is always tidy, pleasantly smells and has the tremendous athletic forms. He will not call and disturb once again, but will always write inspiring romantic messages. In a bed he always does only that the woman wants and as she wants it.
  4. As the best head the lovely ladies see the imposing nice young man who motivates to work with the help of payment of bonus, does not pay attention to delay and also without problems the holiday and the sick-list gives.
  5. According to the research conducted by the British university Brunela, the ideal appearance of the man has big shoulders, narrow hips today, it is a little bristle on a face and a few breast hair. In general, according to poll of most of female residents of the USA the reason of such choice became clear: subconsciously each of them chooses such appearance which inspires confidence in successful reproduction of healthy posterity.

Ideal man eyes of men

On it the description of the ideal man does not come to an end yet. It would be wrong to take out opinion of only one of the parties on court. The thing is that life priorities of the weaker and stronger sex strongly differ. And that none of lovely ladies amused himself with illusions, we offer one more option – the ideal man eyes of men.

  1. Such concept as beauty at men is perceived three images: sporty and strong person, effeminate and pretentious and also intelligently well-mannered rich man.
  2. Clever among men are divided into three types too: highly educated erudites, wise men who will always help councils and those who well understand people and can use them for the personal purposes.
  3. Such concept as force too is perceived by men ambiguously. It includes such points as strength of mind (leader, the manager), independence and adherence to principles (it concerns questions, important for men).
  4. As for such quality extended among women as kindness, if women look for the reliable and quiet partner in life, men from the stable and equal relations begin to miss frankly. Not in men's it to the nature – to be chronically attentive and sensitive.

The man's ideal, concept so relative that in pure form practically does not meet. And whether such ideal is necessary? If in life to the woman the man without uniform defect meets it is possible to give an absolute guarantee - she will run away from it in a week, without having taken out melancholy and boredom. A little pepper of men's shortcomings of a family dish will always add to the relations sharpness and savor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team