The most awful mistakes in a bed

The most awful mistakes in a bed

The wrong behavior in a bed can not only spoil your intimate life, but also to become the reason of a set of quarrels with darling. Moreover, making gross blunders, you risk even to lose the soulmate once and for all.

What cannot be done in a bed

One of the most terrible and inexcusable mistakes which people sometimes make during sexual intercourse is naming of the person others name. Does not matter why you in a rush of ecstasy spoke this name, having allowed such confusion. Anyway forgiveness after this reservation will be difficult to deserve.

It is especially unpleasant if the person in a bed calls the soulmate by the name of the former partner. It can become a reason not only for a large quarrel, but even for parting.

Very serious and, unfortunately, a widespread mistake – a habit to think in a bed only of itself and to forget about the partner. Some people so strongly are fond of it that even put sideways from a bed a mirror to be convinced that they look good during the occupations love. It is difficult for partners to maintain similar narcissism. It is even more unpleasant when women in a bed hiss every two minutes: "Do not take in head to spoil to me a hairstyle", and men are angry even with the tiniest scratch left at them on a back.

Never it is necessary to compare partners to former, and especially it is inappropriate to do it in a bed. One of the worst mistakes which can be allowed during sex – to begin to persuade the partner to execute your desire, motivating it with the fact that other lover or the mistress does it without any hints of you.

The mistakes putting an end to sex

After some misses of people can forever refuse sex with the specific partner. One of such mistakes – garrulity. It concerns both men, and women: when people want to comment every second lovemaking or just to say something inarticulate, without stopping for a minute, it, to put it mildly, irritates. It is very difficult to focus on process at such chatter.

It is even worse if it is about reasonings on a body of the partner and his actions. The unpleasant phrases concerning a female figure of a male penis or inexperience of the partner can strongly upset.

Fast leaving or even "escape" after sex – one of the most terrible mistakes. Even if you have a hang-up concerning hygiene, and you want to take as soon as possible a shower after a culmination point, at least suggest the partner or the partner to join you. If right after receiving pleasure you push away the one who to you brought him, jump from a bed and run in a shower or begin to put on convulsively as if in the house the fire began, you risk to put to the person who remained in beds, a serious psychological trauma.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team