Vampires in real life

Vampires in real life

Being children, we are afraid of vampires who wake up as soon as the sun sets, and bloodthirstily hunt on such defenseless victims as we. When we grow up, most of us ceases to be afraid of the sharp-toothed vampires who left the abyss of a gloom, but on the horizon there are other our life hunters, their closest relatives are power vampires. How to be and where rescue – we will try to tell and carry out in detail about everything short digression on vampires in real life.

Vampires are different …

First of all, it should be noted that everyone, regardless of a sex, age, a social status can become the vampire. And even you. Existence of vampires in real life is caused by the moments with the lowered power.

For this reason we distinguish vampires constant and temporary.

Constant vampires have the lowered energy potential at the stable level therefore they constantly need feed which is an energy of healthy people.

Temporary vampires are people at whom for the most different reasons the power weakened, they also need feed. It can be the disease period as most of patients become vampires for a while. The sick person is a being with the lowered power, the weakened immunity. It requires special attention, the relation, behavior, than is capable to bring you, the healthy person, to a hospital bed. Also in real life pregnant women, most often for a while become power vampires, but there are also unpleasant metamorphoses to constant effect.

Vampires can be passive and active. Passive vampires or bores – look for your pity, sympathy, constantly glagolt about the helplessness, misfortune and a grief, at the same time the real help is not necessary to them.

Active vampires look for and make scandals. They eat aggression and a stress. For some reason so it happens that they always appear where there is a turmoil, and for some reason, leave it with a pleased, full smile.

By the way, only 3% of power vampires know about vampirism, and 97% - work unconsciously.

Victim of the vampire

Everyone was influenced by the fact that vampires exist in real life. Effect after communication with such sobesednichok - a headache, exhaustion, lack of desire to live, breakdown, etc. There are two types of people who can interest vampires:

  • the people who are violently reacting to it;
  • people, with the absent reaction, the emotions which got used to suppress.

Besides, the vampire can overtake you in the crowded place – the subway, a concert, an exhibition. It does not need words to scoop from you energy, around it the special aura which destroys all live is created. You feel that you were caught - a minute ago everything was good, and now, without the visible reasons, you any more want nothing and nothing is necessary, and inside cold emptiness.

At long, daily contacts with vampires it is possible to place really health outright and most to become the vampire. All as in a fantasy – you also you bit now one of them too. And in life – you potrapeznichat and now, you have a lowered power too, so, you need feed.

How to escape?

There are many ways to avoid and slip away from the vampire's paws:

  1. If the colleague constantly complains of life, offer him the feasible help in response to which it will continue to ache. Now you have the right to change the subject and will stop being are interesting to the vampire.
  2. Lovely laugh the matter off at contact with the vampire.
  3. If you are in the company where the things oppressing you, for example, of a gossip are discussed, find a way to be removed delicately.
  4. If opposite to you at work the vampire sits, develop the table so that not to meet it views.
  5. When you would not be loaded by the vampire, always try to bring real constructive notes in a conversation.

People with strong power are not subject to influence of vampires, a lovely, sincere smile in a face to the enemy are the best weapon from its further attacks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team