What comments to write the guy

What comments to write the guy

Communication on social networks – a modern effective way of acquaintance and communication with an opposite sex. There is an opinion that commenting of records on the page of the young man is capable to draw quickly his attention and to cause sympathy for the girl.


1. Think where and what comments it will be better to leave. It depends on that, how well you know it, and its page is how in detail completed. If the guy does not consist in the list of your friends yet, but you want to draw its attention and to attract interest in you, choose those pages which are available to viewing and editing. It can be the avatar, some photo albums and a wall. Also, if you found publications from the guy in any community, can take part also in their discussion.

2. To draw attention of the guy, it is enough to write one-two words which will be compliments in his party, for example, "beautiful" or "a cool avatar". At the end surely add the smiling or laughing smilie. It is possible even to be limited to one smiling or winking smilie as the comment. It will be enough in order that the guy wanted to visit your page. It is not necessary to leave many notes, it is enough to comment on 1-2 photos that you were not considered excessively importunate.

3. If you are already familiar with the guy, and he is your friend, you can leave more comments and do it more often. As all records will be available to you, it is possible to comment more often. Estimate photos, videos and other publications and be more verbose. You can praise the guy for creativity or estimate his humour, etc.

4. Pay special attention to commenting of records on a wall (homepage) of the guy. You can express the point of view concerning any given publication and its contents - to agree with the relevant quote, to give an example from own life, etc. Besides, to look more creative in the opinion of the guy, try to comment on his record, having published below the song suitable on sense or the animation picture.

5. Do not forget to put "likes" - marks "it is pleasant to me" which are available practically on all social networks. It is optional to comment on each record, but at the same time it is possible to give safely marks which sometimes better than any words will force the guy to pay attention to you. And if he appreciates brevity and is easy at heart, can leave cheerful smilies under its records.

6. It is even more, than likes, reposts – departure of someone else's publications on own page with the indication of the primary source are appreciated. Make a repost of several records of the guy which you consider the most important. As a result he will understand that you have with it common interests and outlooks on life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team