How to cause positive emotions in the angry person

How to cause positive emotions in the angry person

To cause pleasant emotions in the angry person, at first find out the reasons of his rage. Communicate to the interlocutor, tell him something interesting or cheerful. The person can also make a pleasant surprise.


1. To cause positive emotions in the angry person, at first create the favorable atmosphere in which he will feel comfortable and easily. For example, it is possible to invite him to walk to the park or in cafe. If the person annoys, then he will hardly want to be in places of a congestion of people so avoid them better. If you know the opponent well, then will be able to understand where he will better feel.

2. To force the angry person to smile, begin to communicate with him. It, first, will allow you to understand and estimate a spirit, secondly, will help to find out the most pleasant subjects. At first it is possible just to take an interest at the opponent as there took place him day. Ask why it annoys. For a start it is necessary to help the person to cope with negative emotions, and already then to try to lighten the mood. If the opponent states the reasons for the rage, then try to encourage and support him. When the anger passes, it is possible to work further.

3. The easiest and banal way to amuse the interlocutor is to tell a joke or a cheerful story from real life. If it did not work, try to start talking about what causes pleasant emotions in the opponent. For example, it memories of your in common spent time can be on vacation. If you know the person well, then it will be easy to find pleasant subjects for a conversation. It is not so simple to start an interesting conversation with the unfamiliar interlocutor, but nevertheless it is possible. Take an interest, than the person is fond, start talking to him about his hobby. It for certain will force the opponent to smile and experience positive emotions. And surely give the interlocutor compliments!

4. Make to the person a surprise. It is possible to invite him to some unusual and interesting place, for example, to the amusement park or in a zoo. Present a gift. It is optional to give something expensive, amusing souvenirs and small gifts can be desired too and cause pleasant emotions. Come into shop of amusing things and buy something there. It can be a mug or a plate with the ridiculous image, an interesting figurine. Besides, increases mood tasty food. So, chocolate contains the substances stimulating production of endorphin – joy hormone.

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