What is love without deception

What is love without deception

The love is one of the most sublime feelings which had by the person. Lovers promise to be faithful each other, however not always their relations maintain check time. The lie becomes one of the main obstacles arising on their way.

The lie cannot be considered the integral quality of the person, it is the acquired defect. The soul of the person is cleaner, the it is less at him than need to lie, at some stage of spiritual ascension the lie becomes just inconceivable. But this level is reached by the few people therefore for the majority the lie, in any given limits, appears quite everyday and habitual occurrence. Yet there is no darling nearby, the habit to lie even if on trifles, does not cause any inconveniences – rather on the contrary, does life simpler and comfortable. Everything changes when the love comes. One business – to lie to someone. And absolutely another – to the one whom you love.

The main complexity is that the love and a lie are incompatible. Speaking to religion language, the first – from God, the second – from a devil. The lie always says about what does not exist, and in it its main difference from the truth. When the person falls in love, the incompatibility of love and a lie begins to be shown especially sharply. The lie becomes something inconceivable, impossible – as it is possible to lie, looking in eyes to darling?

Nevertheless, the lie in families is rather widespread phenomenon. The reason of it that very often take for love love, enthusiasm. In words that lovers communicate souls there is no exaggeration – at the power level the loving people are connected by thousands of invisible threads. Crossing, accord of souls is so big that two persons, actually, become a single whole. Very often they without words understand each other, feel desires of the soulmate, perceive her pain as own. At the same time desire something becomes basic need to give, to present, make pleasant, but not to take and receive. Love, temporary hobby differ from love in the fact that accord of souls does not arise. There is a small power contact, at the same time with the person fall in love for something. It is an important point: the true love is caused by nothing, it arises through merge of souls. Love, to enthusiasm needs something for what it is possible to fall in love with the person. Though the word "fall in love" in this case is incorrect as there is no true love. There is a thirst for an adoration object – to his appearance, to some qualities valid or imaginary. But when the desirable becomes available, quickly becomes boring, bothers. Love disappears, the person begins to understand that no love existed that he made a mistake. If by this time a family is already started, there is a dilemma – it is necessary either to disperse, or to live with the unloved person. In the latter case there is also the most fertile field for a lie. Rather often it is present from the very beginning if marriage consists by calculation. There is no love, the person considers himself to have the right to seek entertainments elsewhere. The lie becomes necessary, allows to hide violations of marital fidelity. When true love, deception is impossible. And it is impossible not because it "is impossible" but because nobody else is simply not necessary to the person. The possibility of a lie is represented inconceivable. Sometimes, however, deception after all can take place, but it goes from love too. It is that case when the lie appears in rescue. Preserving darling against some alarms or disorders, you can sometimes lie, but it is even impossible to call such lie lie per se as not the self-interest, but love is its cornerstone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team