How to get to fall in love yourself the guy to whom you are pleasant

How to get to fall in love yourself the guy to whom you are pleasant

At communication with the guy gradually the girl can notice that he shows to her noticeable sympathy. To construct with it the long relations, it is necessary to finish business that shortly he pronounced the treasured words "I love you".


1. Try to meet and communicate with the guy more often, but be not too importunate. In a conversation with it carefully learn what lines in girls he appreciates most of all. Try to follow its ideal. Do not forget to watch also the appearance and a figure – hardly the guy will begin to test to you something bigger if he is not under a constant impression of your beauty.

2. Get together as much as possible positive emotions and impressions. For example, it is possible to go together to a travel to the exotic country or to do some flying on the hang-glider. Find such hobby which would be to liking to both of you. All this will help you to approach stronger, and the guy will begin to have to you already more deep feelings.

3. Behave not as the girlfriend, and as the girlfriend of your young man. You pronounce the words of sympathy more often, do not hesitate to embrace and kiss the guy. The tactile contact is very important in the relations and also helps to approach well. Besides, it is necessary to hold romantic appointments. Hint the guy at what you like flowers that he also knew, than to please you.

4. Be not too available, let the guy will a little fight for you. For example, hint that you were pleasant still to some young man and just you do not know where to disappear from admirers. The fear lose you can change much in thinking of the guy, and he will understand that he cannot live without you.

5. Try not to demand from the young man of constant gifts and purchases, understand his financial position. Too exacting girls gradually push away from themselves the behavior. Be more modest and do not forget also from time to time to buy to the guy something pleasant.

6. Hint the young man that you want bigger from your relations. For example, hold an appointment in that place where you got acquainted, or send it by mail a love card. The most courageous girls can first make a declaration of love. If the guy cannot understand the feelings in any way, so he, at last, will understand that you mean to it much too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team