What is the time the man can promise to marry

What is the time the man can promise to marry

The man can promise to marry, and itself does not do it. There is no reason for concern if these promises last no more than several months. But if time goes, and the girl still only the girlfriend, but not the lawful wife, then it is necessary to change something in the life.

Couple meets already some time, apparently, it is already time to step into the new level of the relations, but the man for some reason does not hurry. Only promises to marry. Whether really he marries or only delays time? Whether there is time limit for such promises?


Promises to marry last month – it is normal. No matter, how many the man and the woman meet, month of promises are not a reason for concerns. It is possible to apprehend this time as a trial period before an important event in the life and to properly weigh all pros and cons.

Several months

In life of each person there can be unforeseen circumstances which absolutely change plans. As they say, the person assumes, and god has. Therefore you should not reproach the beloved with the fact that so much time passed, and there is no treasured wedding ring on your finger yet. However it is worth looking narrowly at the partner whether really he has some problems or he intentionally delays this moment.

Year and more

There are couples which meet for years. The love of the woman in them is supported by promises to marry. Some girls believe that darling indeed cannot marry now. They cannot and do not want to admit to themselves that darling also is not going to contract a legal marriage with it. Is itIs it worth losing the best years of the life on empty promises? Look back – what interesting was? And then estimate objectively reality – it can even more saturated and not as the partner, and as the spouse and mother. Years go, promises sound still. It is that case when it is a pity for the spent time. Therefore do not spend it further. It is necessary to raise an edge this difficult question – the wedding will be or not and to plan exact date. Otherwise you will not envy your fate.

All life

In the history there are a lot of cases when beloved met even not several years, and practically all life. He promised to marry, and she waited for the hour of triumph. And all in vain. Do not repeat these mistakes. Even if it seems to you that you very strongly love it, think, really there is no that reason which would prevent your darling to marry you. And if he did not make it still, then will not make and subsequently. Therefore run away from him. To create the new novel, it is necessary to get rid of old. Begin new life with the new person, but do not tighten with a wedding. It is possible to discuss the plans for the future in a month after acquaintance. This time is quite enough to understand whether the man and the woman suit one another.

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