How to make a declaration of love if it is not confident in reciprocity

How to make a declaration of love if it is not confident in reciprocity

If you are in love, there is nothing better, than to report to the person about the feelings even if are not sure of reciprocity of the sympathy. At the same time, the earlier you will make it, the better for you.


1. Remember even if an object of your addictions has to you no feelings, having made a declaration of love to it, you will just get rid of excess cargo at heart. After told you will notice how it will become much easier for you and there is absolutely nothing absolutely nothing to lose to you.

2. It is not necessary to do of all this recognition of any big event. Just tell at a meeting about the feelings. Make it carefully, do not use big words and you do not speak about love. Let it will be expression of sympathy and underlining of advantages of the person of an opposite sex. Even if you do not receive the desirable answer, you should not be upset. Believe, on it your life definitely does not come to an end.

3. Know that your recognition, perhaps, will embarrass your interlocutor. It is not surprising. The girl or the guy were just not ready to such outright recognition. They need some time to consider all your words and to understand in the circumstances as your recognition, most likely, will affect your further relations, having changed them in the best or huchshy side.

4. Do not make an avowal of sentiments at all, being in the company of your friends. Wait better for a right moment when you remain alone. It will be so easier also for you and other person, and you will be able quietly to talk and to discuss everything. Having decided to make an avowal of sentiments, surely make toilet: take a shower, style hair, iron the clothes. This day you have to look in the best way.

5. Moreover, you should not make an avowal of sentiments only for the sake of intimate proximity with the girl or the guy. Sooner or later, this person all the same learns about it, and you will forever lose him. If the representative of an opposite sex is really dear to you, be ready that in your relations there will be everything: quarrels, general experiences and, of course, happy moments. You have to become for it not only darling, but also and the friend who is always ready to come to the rescue. Therefore before making a confession answer for yourself 1 very important question – whether you are ready to share with it all pleasures and to solve possible common problems.

6. Remember that the words "I love you" are not a question, but a statement. Having told this phrase, you should not wait for any answer. Even if you were told "no", do not worry. Offer the girl or the guy the friendship. Perhaps, it shortly will become the beginning of great love. Both guys, and girls sometimes can change the opinion. Anyway, you should not pull down the strong friendly relations even if the person refused to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team