How to make traps for bees

How to make traps for bees

The swarming period begins with the end of spring at bees. If not to take due measures, the bee-keeper can lose not one swarm for every season. That bee families have not departed from apiary, it is necessary to make traps for bees. In fact, it is small beehives with baits which will serve insects as temporary haven. Bee-keepers do them of hollow trunks, boxes and even spin from rods. It is the simplest to make trap in the form of rectangular box.

It is required to you

  • Boards of 2 cm in thickness and 20 cm in depth
  • Rail with section 20х20
  • Plywood 4 mm
  • Hammer and nails
  • Wire
  • Bars
  • Fold
  • Drill and chisel
  • Saw
  • Pins of 4 mm in the diameter
  • Long rope (about 10 m)
  • Ladder or "claws" for electricians
  • Cellophane, roofing material or aluminum in roll
  • Beehive framework
  • Piece of canvas
  • Sheet of polyfoam
  • Wood bark
  • Furniture stapler
  • Glue for polyfoam
  • Propolis, wax, melissa
  • Voshchina strips


1. Make trap bottom for bees of boards about 2 cm in thickness and 20 cm in width. Make facade and the back panel of them. Cut out side walls from plywood and nail up it. It is possible to make framework of rails of 20х20 mm and only then to sheathe it plywood. It is considered that the capacity of bee traps has to be from 40 to 70 liters.

2. Do roof like beehive. Cut out rectangle from plywood 4 mm thick slightly more body of bee trap. Fill at the edges bars so that it is possible to be to cover lodge "in blowup". Roof attach to the body pins about 4 mm in the diameter. From above make the handle (it is possible to twist it from wire) that it was convenient to transfer trap and to suspend it on tree. It is possible to roof: • rolled aluminum, having bent its edges; from within cover to paste the sheet of polyfoam.· it is simple to envelop cellophane or roofing material, having fixed covering by the furniture stapler.

3. Drill opening notches in the front panel. Some bee-keepers do it not round, and in the form of narrow slot – differently trap other living creatures can occupy. Rub entrance to ""lodge"" for bees with propolis or melissa.

4. Establish in bee trap from 5 to 8 beehive frames. From it is possible to fix by means of bars or fold (metal seam). Put frame from first line with old cells (for attraction of bees intelligence agents), and on the others strengthen voshchina strips (about 4 cm). Cover framework with canvas.

5. Suspend trap for bees on tree on which swarms often sit down. Or choose high plant with strong branches. It is desirable old, but with magnificent foliage that the trap was not heated under the sun. It is good if the pool of stagnant water is near. Fix rope on the handle of cover and, having thrown its long end on bough, lift trap and very strong tie her to tree wire. Notches has to look at the South or at the southeast. From above the trap can be covered (and at the same time in addition to strengthen) with wood bark. Installation height – is not higher than 5-8 meters that you could reach it from ladder or it is easy to climb up on claws.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team