As it is correct to cut off raspberry in the fall on personal plot

As it is correct to cut off raspberry in the fall on personal plot

Raspberry was always considered as the real curative plant. Besides berries in traditional medicine also plant leaves are used. Thanks to the high content of vitamin C, it is very strong tonic at catarrhal diseases. Therefore gardeners try to grow up these berries on the personal plot. For good fructification it is important to carry out some actions, including to annually carry out cutting of bushes of raspberry.

Cutting of raspberry is carried out either in the spring, or in the fall. The most qualitative is spring cutting, but sometimes not all manage to make it at the beginning of season. Here then it is possible to cut off raspberry in the fall. The good harvest next year will allow to receive the correct care for raspberry.

First of all cut off in the fall:

1. the old and dried bushes;

2. young escapes which will not be able to winter;

3. nadlomanny and excess branches which too thicken bush;

4. escapes which are subject to influence to various diseases and wreckers.

In the fall such escapes and bushes cut off completely, without leaving shoots. For forming of good bush around the main stalk in radius of 50 cm delete all unnecessary escapes, cutting down them the axe or shovel.

Cutting of raspberry before winter promotes fast growth of plant therefore leave no more than 4-8 escapes on one square meter. It is important to observe distance between bushes after cutting. It has to make more than 50 cm.

Not cut off bushes bend down to the earth on height up to 40 cm for the best rewintering of raspberry. Thus, it will be completely under snow and the next year will quickly return to normal.

Raspberry has biannual growth cycle. Fructification happens only on biannual escapes. Therefore in the fall also cut off these escapes. Still delete all small sprouts which have appeared during the summer. They will not bring benefit to your plant.

Autumn cutting of raspberry needs to be carried out only by good and clean secateurs. It will allow cuts to turn out equal and to heal quickly to the first hard frosts.

Some grades of raspberry fructify up to November. On such bushes cut off only the dry and damaged escapes. It is better to postpone the main forming of plant to the spring period.

You remember, regular updating of escapes of raspberry by means of cutting promotes increase in fructification. And it is not important when you cut off bushes: in the spring or in the fall. The main thing is to follow necessary rules of cutting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team