How to play with the kid about one year

How to play with the kid about one year

Small children cause in us so much affection that and there is a wish to spend with them much time in a game. Games with the child about one year have to be developing, interesting, not tiresome and safe.


1. Newborn children perceive everything in own way. They are bewitched by bright colors and quite loud accurate sounds. Play with the kid by means of a rattle. You try to catch his eye on a toy, and then slowly you drive it here and there, up and down. So you help to develop to his eye muscles. If the child turns overof on a tummy, put a toy before it at such distance that it could get it. Gradually raise it from a surface by small distance that he, watching a rattle, learned to hold a head.

2. Children of three months about half a year already like not only to look at the objects surrounding them, but also to estimate them taktilno. Soft and bright textile books and albums, the special developing rug or finger-type puppet theater will become the best toys for them. Show to the child that touching various parts of a rug, it can elicit new sounds, and it is possible to find a pocket mirror or a small surprise in secret pockets. If the rug is equipped with an arch, try to interest the kid in the toys located on it. Over time lift an arch, so the child will learn to sit down.

3. Children from half a year look at you already quite consciously. Your mimicry, gestures and tone of a voice comes out on top in communication with the kid. You speak softly, you do not stint a praise and gentle words. Children at this age adore singing and in general are quite musical. Choose songs with simple motive and sing to the child, over time he will begin to sing along with you in the manner. Also at this age the child receives two very important skills - bases of the speech and walking. Show to the kid various objects and accurately you say their name. Point to yourself and you say: "mom" or "dad". You pronounce words slowly on syllables, but do not lisp, it can pour out in a consequence in logopedic problems.

4. Help the child to get up on legs, holding him by hands. Take together with him its first steps. That it was more interesting to it to learn to go - put before it its favourite toy, or a bright subject which he wants to touch. If the child already quite surely stands on the feet, sit down before him and call to yourself. In the evenings before going to bed sing to the child a song or tell the fairy tale. The sound of your voice will calm the kid.

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