What the free relations mean

What the free relations mean

Not so long ago the free relations or ""free love"" became fashionable. But what it means for couple? What to wait from such union for? The similar type of the relations has a number of pluses thanks to which won such popularity, however the similar love suits not everyone.

Your relations began with the strange contract on mutual freedom? Means, you entered the so-called "free relations". What do they mean? What to wait from such union for? Girls and at young people have a little different opinions in this respect.

What do girls think of free love?

The free relations (or in English "free love") are the relations without obligations. That is each of partners is free to communicate with an opposite sex so much how many will consider necessary, without any restrictions. What do girls think of it? Actually very few people from them are ready to such freedom. Of course, much like an opportunity to flirt with anyone and anywhere, having at the same time the constant guy who quietly looks at it. But there are those who are simply not ready to give such freedom and to the partner. And the free relations mean it.

As the affection for the young man increases, there is also such feeling as jealousy. And it is not admissible in the free relations. In essence "free love" is or the relations without any feelings at partners, or the relations with high level of confidence. When people are sure that they from each other will not leave anywhere, they are morally ready to releasing the partner for boundless communication. Very small percent of women voluntarily goes on such relations. It is a peculiar contract that the young man has the right for treason if he wants.

Men's view of the free relations

Young people are ready for the free relations exactly until meet that only with which they will be over head and ears in love. After this conversation about freedom in the relations and the speech cannot be. Men are owners by nature. And they are not pleasant to share what belongs to them, and the men's love quite often is followed by feeling of property. But if the young man has no deep feelings to the girl, then he not against to spend time and with other ladies. And his woman can actively communicate with other young people at this time. This partnership and equality in the relations where nobody and nothing should not anybody. Who is ready to the free relations? People who do not want to be some look for the love so far. They are morally ready to be with someone on free conditions when it is possible to leave at any time. Couples which infinitely trust each other are ready for the free relations too. They have nothing to be afraid. They are ready to respect desire of the partner to be free, to meet someone. And, of course, those who are not in love are ready to the free relations. For example, for the sake of sex. It is the most common cause on which two persons make couple, but at the same time actively and not really look for the love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team