What to present on a sapphire wedding to parents?

What to present on a sapphire wedding to parents?

Sapphire wedding – not such a frequent holiday. It celebrates 45-year anniversary of family life of spouses. It is considerable date therefore parents should choose a gift on a sapphire wedding in advance, showing at the same time imagination and practicality. This holiday usually in the bosom of the family is celebrated.

Why "sapphire"?

Sapphire symbolizes the feelings of spouses which allowed them to go nearby on life so long way. Their love is deep as it the sea, and is boundless as the ocean. Sapphire means wisdom, insight and tranquility. All this, certainly, is peculiar to the people who lived 45 years together.

Sapphire color

It is accepted to give this day something with sapphires or just some objects of blue color. As a gift on a sapphire wedding the parents can present, for example, beautiful hours. Though usually it is not accepted to give hours, but in this case it is admissible. It is possible to present a beautiful service of some shade of blue color or the same color textiles for the house: curtains, cloths, covers, plaids and so forth. If interests a question what to present on a sapphire wedding to parents, then it is possible to present them ornament with this noble stone. If jewelry gifts in family are not accepted, it is possible will be limited to a lamp with the blue lamp shade or smart wine glasses of the same color.

Symbolical gifts

Parents went hand in hand a long way. It is possible to depart from "blue" tradition and to present them something that will just express admiration of their love and fidelity. It can be, for example, their double portrait written by the artist according to the photo or any memorable jewel. If parents, the believing people, they can present an icon of Saints Pyotr and Fevronia Muromskikh who became famous for the love and fidelity to each other. The main thing is to give a present on a sapphire wedding the hands, having accompanied with warm wishes.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team