What women after 40 are sorry about

What women after 40 are sorry about

40 years – age when it is accepted to look back and sum up the intermediate results. The person, in principle, can be sorry about the missed opportunities, and women in 40 years are not an exception. Fortunately, in time having rethought vital lessons, never late to start with a clean slate and to work on the made mistakes.

Neglect the interests to please to people around

The most frequent reason of regrets among 40-year-old women – understanding that they very seldom put the desires, interests, requirements on the first place. On the one hand, it is normal and natural as a certain element of sacrifice is put in women by nature. Female body bears the child, gives pleasure to the man, and traditional duties define the place of the woman at the family center in providing a cosiness and comfort for the family. At the same time, modern society speaks about healthy egoism and love for itself for a long time. However not everyone can break this internal barrier ordering to put personal needs on the last place.

As a result, looking back, the woman understands that she did not visit Paris, did not learn to dance the tango and did not promote in career further the ordinary expert. Of course, on everything there were objective reasons: financial difficulties, small children, help to the husband in self-realization. But as a result in exchange she received only a small part of the enclosed efforts, and own projects and remained unrealized.

It is very good when similar thoughts come in 40 years. It is great age when from this what it was dreamed earlier of, not late to carry out a lot of things. Or, on the contrary, to revise the last plans and to choose the new purposes to start their achievement, without shelving.

The regrets concerning the birth of children

By 40 years the women's reproductive function begins to die away gradually therefore to the forefront there are regrets connected with the birth of children. Some especially sharply begin to feel a remorse because of the made abortions. Others - worry that they stopped on one child or could not feel happiness of motherhood at all. How modern ideas of marriage changed, the family and children still remain an important indicator of realization of the woman in society.

Of course, in an issue of birth at mature age it is already not enough that can be corrected. But sincere desire to present the maternal love sometimes leads to the decision to take in family of the adopted child. On the other hand, with the birth of grandsons there is an opportunity to help young parents, having surrounded the little person with care and attention. And the easiest way for an exit of not dissipated maternal energy is acquisition of a pet.

The choice as a career priority, but not family

So the person is suited that is rare when it is happy with the situation of things. Housewives long concerning lack of career, and those who spent the best years at work would like to find more time for family. The working mothers, certainly, grudge the missed moments of growing of children. Some women because of career hesitated on the second child or consciously refused motherhood.

But the family is not only the husband and children, but also parents who become more senior every year, and time spent with them nearby inevitably decreases. This situation can be corrected, only keeping the correct balance. At all it is optional to leave, better to be engaged in redistribution of time. For example, not to take work home or to pay to it less attention. To arrange the days off which will be completely devoted to close people. Let it is better household chores and life will wait while you visit parents or you walk with children. The loving and dear people are capable to present a lot of heat and positive emotions that they surely will be enough for new career fulfillments.

Desire to be convenient to people around

Wishing to meet others expectations, women and men, often arrive as from them wait. They depend on public opinion, look around, and as a result feel discomfort and disappointment. If you do not want repetition of this scheme for the child, teach it to independence, freedom of expression, but only on the example. Of course, quickly to change the behavior stereotypes fixed for years it will not turn out. Therefore it is necessary to begin with small steps, some trifles. For example, to learn to speak to people "no" if execution of others requests or requirements is contrary to personal desires. Over time, having set skill of quiet perception of third-party discontent, it is possible to be beyond further away others opinion.

Paid not enough attention to the relations with the husband

Starting a family, the woman and the man hope to become for each other the closest people. But, even staying together, over the years they can begin to live as neighbors. Young mothers often push the partners in life into the background when the child is born. One more factor which is taking away, sometimes, unfairly there is a lot of attention, work is. As a result the woman does not even notice how the loved one gradually turns into the stranger. And with him, with the husband and the father of children, she should come to an old age, to divide pleasures and grieves when the house becomes empty. If the beloved is dear to you, do not put him on the last place in the priority list. Keep in every way in that contact which led to formation of your union. Because, having broken family harmony once to restore it without loss it will be unreal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team