Where to leave the husband if there is no place to go?

Where to leave the husband if there is no place to go?

Surprisingly, how often women suffer the choice: where to leave the husband if there is no place to go and how often men use this difficult situation. Certainly, nobody, marrying, does not expect that in several years or several decades it is necessary to puzzle over such difficult and tragic question.

How to take courage and to leave the husband?

Desire to leave the husband and to divorce can arise for various reasons. He can abuse alcohol and raise a hand against the wife, then leaving will be the only right decision. And maybe, just in the heat of a quarrel there was a thought that the love already passed and the wife is connected nothing with this person. Then how to gain strength and to leave the husband, becomes just a matter of time. And councils of numerous girlfriends or beloved mother, sister can sometimes work that the husband bad, it is possible to find better. Anyway, the woman has to consider all pros and cons, and on it considerable time is required. It is necessary to prepare the base for retreat in advance: to talk to parents, girlfriends that they accepted the woman on temporary residence after parting, to collect some sum of money initially. If preparations are made, then it will be much simpler to leave and close behind itself a door, and in the course of preparation the woman can consider once again everything and, perhaps, to change the decision.

How to leave the husband if there is no place to go?

Much more difficult the situation is if the woman wants to leave the husband, but there is no place. In such cases the final decision on parting can drag on for many years. However if the wife resolved to divorce, then even in the absence of relatives and close girlfriends, she will make it.

Now there is a huge number of the organizations in the different cities, funds, volunteers who are ready to help the woman with a difficult situation. They can shelter her, lodge in detention center, help with the device of children in a garden, and her in job search. Therefore you should not despair, an exit from a difficult situation is always, and much more people are ready to give a helping hand, than it seems.

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