Whether it is worth making love in the mornings

Whether it is worth making love in the mornings

Many couples have sex in concrete time of day, is more often - at night. But sexologists advise to be dipped into embraces of the soulmate in the morning. Below arguments which will disclose to you all advantages and shortcomings of matrimonial sex in the mornings are adduced.

Pluses of morning sex

1. Such awakening in itself is born by more charge of energy, than a coffee cup for breakfast.

2. Sex is a number of physical exercises, since morning they very opportunely. You will warm all muscles before an exit to the street, strengthen immunity. And sex since morning in kitchen will allow to monitor preparation a breakfast and at the same time to get unforgettable pleasure from kisses and caress.

3. Since morning (7-9 hours) at the man hormone testosterone is in an organism at the maximum level so morning sex precisely will work well.

4. Lovemaking trains a respiratory system in the mornings, blood circulation of lovers considerably improves. As a result of passionate sex they receive emission of hormones of happiness and endorphins in blood. Blood pressure is normalized.

5. Morning sex - prevention of migraine, headaches, cardiovascular diseases.

6. The Scottish scientists confirmed that couples which actively have sex in the mornings are more concentrated and balanced persons.

7. Morning sex differs in sweet imaginations. Partners up to the end did not wake up, they are ready to be given to desires of each other. After such sex at both high spirits, and it affects relationship with people around. And in family thanks to it passion fire does not die away.

Minuses of morning sex

1. Lack of time. If it is necessary to spouses for work, they will glance for hours - it will worsen sexual intercourse.

2. Appearance since morning. Very few people like their sleepy person, began to smell from a mouth. So before sexual intercourse it is desirable to make in only a few minutes toilet.

3. Search of condoms. Always you hold them closer to a bed at midpoint not to begin their search, thereby having spoiled morning sex.

4. Biorhythms of partners. He is a lark, she is an owl. In that case look for a compromise.

At any time sex has advantages and shortcomings. So solve - whether to refuse morning sex because of several minuses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team