Whether there can be serious relations at the girl with the guy in 14 years

Whether there can be serious relations at the girl with the guy in 14 years

The child fell in love! Joy it or grief for parents? All parents treat differently children's love, someone perceives it in skeptically, someone strives to play a trick once again. But is also such which strictly forbid children to meet, motivating it with the fact that before falling in love, it is necessary to graduate from school, to get an education and so on.

Whether it is possible to take love of teenagers seriously

Parents should remember once and for all that everything love of their children absolutely sincerely - and at kindergarten age when the boy falls in love with the girl because it gave it on walk a shovel, and, especially at teenage age.

At the age of 14-15 years in an organism of the child the hormonal reorganization begins. The girl begins to feel as the girl, in the boy the man begins to waken. They begin to show interest in an opposite sex, and it is natural.

Other question that the choice of the elect can not triple parents, but here neither the bans, nor admonitions will help any more. Moreover, punitive measures can only cause hostility to parents from the child, and continuation of the relations, but already secretly. Even if it is obvious that the elect obviously does not suit the child, it is impossible to press on him, especially, to deride and humiliate the friend in his eyes.

How to behave with the teenager in love

The ideal option if friendship and mutual understanding reigns in family, and the child got used to share all the secrets with parents. But it meets not often. But wise and tactful parents after all meet more often. First of all, it is worth giving the chance to children to meet at home. It is, first, a convenient occasion to get acquainted closer with the elect, secondly, it will be possible to point out not importunately to the child the defects of education of the friend if those are available and also to suggest to try to correct them through joint efforts. As a rule, the first love is the brightest, and children are sure that they are waited by the happy future. You should not disabuse them of it, life itself will sort things out. But if children seriously build the plan for the future, and, on the next, then it is necessary to let know them, and, it is possible even to lead a joint discussion that the family is a work and one love for its creation insufficiently. It is not necessary to listen to their appeals to the classic – Juliette was 14 years old, but by traditions of that time she was already considered as the old maid, and "ladies are younger than it already children had". It is possible to ask the boy how he is robbed to provide family where he plans to bring the young wife. The girl should explain that cooking, washing, cleaning are one of important aspects of family life. It is unlikely, planning to link lives, they thought of life. The appeal to practical questions will set them thinking. At the same time it is necessary to promise them all assistance in creation of family as soon as they have skills of independence. The lack of the bans and parental support will calm children, and their relations will pass into the quiet course, and most likely, into clean children's friendship.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team