Horizontal bar - we play sports!

Horizontal bar - we play sports!

bar - one of simple and effective apparatuses which was applied in antique times. In what simplicity? Availability and a construction of the horizontal bar does not present any difficulties though on a tree be engaged, the main thing that the branch did not shake. And especially, in modern time each inhabited yard has the sports ground on which usually and establish horizontal bars. Many even have a crossbeam, the Swedish wall or just a pipe on a door at home. And in what efficiency? Exercise on a horizontal bar were always good means against osteochondrosis and the requirement which is simply all-strengthening an organism. On a horizontal bar it is possible to download many muscles – backs, breasts, a biceps, a triceps and forearms. Generally, as they say, this shell – to all the head. And it is simpler – base of all sports exercises.

Women should hold hands on width of the shoulders, to men – is slightly wider.

The recommended exercises on a horizontal bar for a female:

  • To move legs back - forward, in the parties – together. It is very useful for lumbar and sacral department of a backbone and legs.
  • To bend the legs in knees.
  • Cave in, having taken away the head back.
  • Having cramped legs, together do turns of the case.
  • Try to take detours legs, at first legs together, then separately everyone.
  • To bend legs in knees, to bring up them to a stomach.
  • Be tightened to the level of eyes, then tighten direct legs to a stomach, record a corner.
  • Now be tightened to the level where the chin comes to an end, throw back the head back, cave in, try to touch in such situation by a crossbeam stomach.
  • Bend legs, having extended them forward and having made a corner. In such situation spin direct close legs.
  • You resemble along a crossbeam hands.
  • Do turns of the case to the provision corner.

The recommended exercises on a horizontal bar for a male:

  • By itself that the above-stated exercises also have to be included in the list of the carried-out movements. But for men it is much simpler as they carry out more difficult variations, including modifications of usual pullings up.
  • The successful fellow is wider, the back muscles download more, the wings will be wider and more powerful at you.
  • On a biceps it is necessary to be tightened, fastening hands with the provision of palmar surfaces of brushes to the person.
  • Than easier to do you pullings up and also many times, it is time to pass to cargoes. Suspend cargo to legs and again be tightened, gradually increasing weight.

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Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team