How to begin to be wrung out

How to begin to be wrung out

It is easy to pump up muscles by means of push-ups. However this exercise needs to be performed correctly. There is the special training method with various load of groups of muscles.


1. Begin performance of push-ups with the smallest loading. For this purpose perfectly exercise from the wall will approach. Push-ups will be made in the vertical position. Take one step from the wall, the person is turned to the surface. Hands arrange at the level of pectoral muscles. Rest against the wall. You remember: the step, the less force of loading is less. Execute push-ups from the wall, by bending of hands in elbows. Try as it is possible to touch with the breast the surface closer. When performing exercise you monitor breath.

2. For increase in load of pectoral muscles execute push-ups from the floor. The home position – lying. Hands arrange shoulder width apart, elbows are straightened. Develop brushes inside by 40-45 degrees. For a start perform exercise from knees, having enclosed under legs the rug in advance. You hold the case of the body directly. When performing exercise don't incline the chin. Be wrung out from the floor smoothly, without breakthroughs. Perform 10-15 exercises, gradually increasing loading every day. Over time you pass to more difficult push-ups from the floor, on straight legs.

3. You remember: when choosing loading be guided by the health. It isn't necessary to start exercise performance if you observe heart troubles.

4. Pay attention that at regular performance of push-ups with identical arrangement of hands and legs the same site of muscles will develop. If you want to achieve uniform result, systematically change the turn of brushes, setting of legs, the ducking and width of hands.

5. You hold the training with inclusion of the given exercise 2-3 times a week. Experts don't recommend to carry out push-ups daily as muscles need time for restoration. Thus, observing all councils and recommendations, you will achieve excellent result and good physical shape.

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