How to choose the intercom

How to choose the intercom

In recent years for reasons of safety and comfort the residents of many owner-occupied and multifamily houses install intercoms. This device, first of all, is intended for restriction of unauthorized access to houses. To choose the intercom, it is necessary to consider the budget, wishes of residents and also know what models are presented at the market.

It is required to you

  • permission of residents


1. The choice of the intercom is defined by whether it will be established in owner-occupied or multifamily house as all intercoms are divided into low-subscriber and multisubscriber. Multisubscriber intercoms are suitable for installation in multifamily houses. All intercoms are divided also into two big classes: audiointercoms and video intercoms. Video intercoms happen to color and black-and-white displays. When choosing the video intercom it is necessary to consider that its purchase will cost you much more expensive purchase of the audiointercom.

2. When choosing the video intercom you remember that video cameras with big viewing angle allow to see space maximum, and cameras with smaller viewing angle will show more largely the face of the visitor. For some video intercoms there is possible connection of two video cameras to expand the area of the overview or to mount the cameras in different places. Cameras of the majority of video intercoms are equipped with illumination. Color video cameras have LED illumination, and black-and-white cameras are equipped with illumination infrared. It allows even to make out the face of the visitor in complete darkness. However in certain cases the video intercom qualitatively will not perform the functions, for example, at the bright sunlight directed to the camera.

3. Entrances through passage meet now quite seldom, but it is impossible to dismiss their existence. If residents of such entrance want to let in guests through both entrances, it is better to choose the intercom allowing to connect two blocks of call and two cameras. Intercoms with possible connection to six devices (blocks of call, video cameras and additional tubes) are presented at the market now. However security specialists recommend one of doors of entrances through passage to equip not with the intercom, but the lock with keys.

4. Now in the market there are coordinate and digital intercoms. The cost of the first is lower at the expense of cheaper tubes, but they are less reliable. Digital intercoms it is more reliable and simpler in installation, but have higher price.

5. The choice of the intercom which has the built-in power supply unit will save you from additional efforts. It will be possible to connect electrical lock of outer door to this power supply unit. Or prepare that you should conduct one more wire to the apartment and to put power supply unit which will need the additional socket. By the way, the electromechanical locks (reminding bolts) it is more reliable, than electromagnetic.

6. Intercoms are divided into duplex and simplex. Duplex intercoms carry out communication at the same time in two directions, and simplex intercoms allow to speak only in turn. As a rule, duplex intercoms in apartments equip with the tube reminding telephone, and simplex are the device with public address system. When choosing the intercom think whether will conveniently speak to you on public address system, or it is more comfortable to you to conduct negotiations with the help of tube.

7. Pay special attention on the call panel. They are built in and consignment notes. Blocks of call of intercoms can be made of plastic and metal. And as in our country the respect for private and public property still is not on the ball, you need to take care of that the call block which is located on the street has been reliably protected from vandals. It is for this purpose better to choose the intercom with the milled or cast block of call and with metal buttons of the unloaded type.

8. If you are going to connect the multisubscriber intercom, there is possible connection of internal communication between residents of entrance, communication with the dispatcher or the concierge. Modern intercoms can perform also functions of the disturbing button. If you want to know who came to your absence, will help the choice of the video intercom with possibility of photography of visitors, saving pictures with the special block of memory, and their subsequent viewing. In some models it is possible to connect the second tube (Intercom) which is not equipped with the display, but allows to communicate to the visitor and to open for him door. Naturally, any additional functions will influence the cost of intercoms.

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