How to carry out the marathon

How to carry out the marathon

The marathon is the large sports and mass action which organization it is necessary to take seriously and professionalism. There are different types of marathons and other mass runnings. Let's talk, first of all, about commercial competitions and about how they need to be organized competently.

It is required to you

  • Funds, venue, cool weather, necessary auxiliary materials, equipment, posters, media, referees, doctors, law enforcement officers, points of food, spectators and another.


1. To carry out the marathon, it is necessary to raise for a start enough funds if only this competition not the annual event for any enterprise or the organization. But, in any case, to hold with a bang such event, it is necessary to observe the certain algorithm. As well as in the organizations of any other business, the marathon demands efforts of all its participants and referees. Let's understand now what steps are. Designate the place and time of carrying out the marathon. The running on more than 42 kilometers demands from athletes of certain conditions. For example: you shouldn't organize such competition highly in mountains where air is discharged. Or in hot season and in the southern countries, where average temperature +30. Optimum air temperature: up to +18 degrees. If it over 20 degrees – at participants can come fast overheating and dehydration. It is better to carry out the marathon from 8-9 in the morning and till 12 in the afternoon.

2. Bring together the corresponding collective for the action. Namely – referees, the chief referee, several physicians, people with water (spectators can be them), assistants, journalists (as necessary). With them organize all conditions for carrying out the marathon on the place: start, the finish, the road, the approach to stadium (if is), fences, etc. Nothing has to prevent athletes to move on the distance! Create them comfortable conditions.

3. In advance notify potential participants on this competition. The fact is that each athlete needs to build very competently the cycle of trainings to be completely in the form of before competitions. It is expedient to declare it is several months prior to start of the marathon.

4. Make questioning of participants till the official beginning of the running. Whether reveal they can run in general or not. It becomes for the safeguarding of athletes. Because the main thing is their health! You are responsible for them! Also it is just necessary data for reports. Issue all personal numbers in advance.

5. Announce date of start. Make all necessary preparations for the organization of the action and notify for this purpose all support personnel. At the competition there have to be law enforcement officers and firefighters. Everything has to pass top-level, and none of participants and spectators shouldn't suffer. Make several points of food: on the finish and throughout the track (approximately through each 5 kilometers).

6. Give staggered starts. Usually professionals of the man and the woman run separately from each other with the small difference. Other (fans) already start after them. If the competition – mass, then all run at once, after starting volley.

7. Sum up the marathon results. Collect all data on participants, their finish and time of the running. Make solemn closing and award winners and prize-winners. If it is necessary, report about results in local Athletic Federation and to journalists.

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