How to do exercises for the back at work

How to do exercises for the back at work

In the conditions of modern life more and more people carry out the working day, sitting in front of the computer in the same situation. It isn't surprising that the health day from day worsens, all organism, and especially – the back suffers at the same time. If you have no opportunity to leave and warm up, carry out gymnastics for the back directly in the workplace.


1. If you don't work in the company where all day it is necessary to be in full view of visitors and "to maintain the reputation", and you have the opportunity to be alone, you will suit the following exercises. Get up directly, hands are lowered along the body, the leg together. Rise on tiptoe, at the same time not far taking away hands back and caving in. Try to turn at the same time hands outside. It is useful for relaxation of muscles backsof and backbone.

2. Standing or sitting on the chair, raise over the head the hands linked by fingers palms outside. Make rhythmical bendings in the right and left parties. Basin at the same time has to be not mobile. This exercise is useful for prevention of scoliosis.

3. Standing or sitting on the chair, shake in turn one, other shoulder, two together. Make circular motions by shoulders in opposite directions, elbows at the same time aren't mobile. Move each shoulder back and forth and two at the same time in opposite directions.

4. Extend hands up and, having thrown back up the head, carefully cave in back, as far as possible. Again become straight and bend forward as it is possible closer to knees.

5. Make circular motions by hands, rotating extremities in shoulder joints. This exercise can be made two hands at the same time in opposite directions and for each hand separately in both parties.

6. Standing, with the force you take away both hands to the left and to the right, making at the same time turn by the building in the necessary party. Repeat exercise, taking away hands at an angle of 45 degrees to the line of shoulders.

7. Sitting on the chair, press palms to shoulders, deliver legs perpendicularly to the floor. In turn extend hands up, and legs – forward.

8. Having hooked on stupnyam for chair legs, with the direct back make deep bendings in different directions. Exercise is useful for muscles of the back and oblique muscles of the stomach.

9. If there is no opportunity to warm up, without fixing the stare, you can resort to "secret" exercises, without forgetting to keep at the same time the quiet look.

10. Put the right hand from above on the right knee. With effort press the hand on the knee, at the same time making oncoming traffic by the hip. The leg kind of resists hand pressure. Repeat for other pair of extremities. Change the home position, having delivered the hand at first on internal, and then – on external to the part of the knee.

11. To undertake the hand sideways the seat of the chair and to pull the shoulder up, trying to tear off kind of the chair from the floor together with itself. It is possible to make for each hand separately and both hands together.

12. To link hands together behind the chair, to cross legs and to lift them over the floor a little. To strain legs as though they need to be uncoupled. To trade legs places. It is useful for prelum abdominale muscles that also strengthens back muscles.

13. To be taken by hands by the edges of the chair, to cross legs and to raise them over the floor. To press the upper leg on lower. To trade legs places. Exercise strengthens the prelum abdominale, allows to become straight to the backbone.

14. Except exercises try to equip the workplace correctly. Adjust chair height so that it wasn't necessary to stoop and bend over the table. The foot have to stand completely on the floor, but not be groundless.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team