How to do kardio houses: 9 best exercises

How to do kardio houses: 9 best exercises

For certain, many asked a question as it is possible to spend kardio a training at home if various exercise machines and devices are absent. Certainly, it is possible just to go to the park or on the nearest stadium, to arrange there jog, but when weather pleases with a rain and slush, such trainings definitely do not bring pleasure. Therefore in this article we will tell how it is possible to hold kardio a training in house conditions and also we will give examples of exercises for successful weight loss and maintenance of the body in an excellent form.

Running on the spot

If in the conditions of big at home still it is possible to spend jog, in traditional value of such word, then at the small sizes of the apartment to execute such exercise it is almost unreal.

Therefore running on the spot will be the best exit in such situation. At once It should be noted that the lazy peretaptyvaniye from a leg on a leg in this case of effect will not be brought. It is very important to carry out exercise most vigorously, representing that you are watched by the most severe sports trainer.

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Running on the spot can be divided into three subspecies:

  • Classical jog. It is the best of all to begin the cardioloadings for combustion of fat in house conditions with it. It is possible to turn on the favourite vigorous music and to run at its speed, helping itself hands. Also it is necessary not to forget to work intensively in the course of running on the spot elbows.
  • Lifting of knees at run. After classical running on the spot it is necessary, without reducing run, to begin to raise the knees above usual. Hands at the same time should be bent in elbows, and to expose palms forward. In the course of run it is necessary to try to touch by knees palms.
  • Run with zakhlesty. The hands can be put on a waist or to do by palms cottons over the head. During run with zakhlesty it is necessary to touch by heels buttocks.


Performance of jumps is excellent exercise for kardio trainings in the conditions of the house. It is necessary to rise directly, to cramp shovels and to pull in a stomach. Within a minute it is necessary to jump on socks.

Whether you know? Cliff Young, the Australian farmer, won in 1961 an ultramarathon. Surprisingly, but he ran it for the first time in life. Cliff managed to overcome in 5 days and 15 hours distance in 875 km, having been ahead at the same time of professional runners. Cliff Young ran quite slowly, first lagged far behind. As it appeared, the farmer won thanks to the fact that he did not take a break on a dream and continued to run at that time until the others slept. To it was not to get used to lack of a dream as on the pastures he had to watch constantly sheep and to bring together them.

After that it is possible to carry out jumps from one party in another (by the principle of the pendulum). It is gradually recommended to increase amplitude of movements of the hips. The waist at the same time should not be twisted. Hands can or be put on a waist, or to bend before a breast. It is possible to diversify and improve this exercise, alternating fast small jumps to jumps together with deep squats.

It is possible to jump fixing legs together, and then having parted separately. When legs together, hands have to fall down when separately — palms do cotton over the head.

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Burp treats those cardioloadings which well work for weight loss. It is much more difficult to carry out it, than those exercises mentioned above.

First of all it is necessary to go down on all fours so that knees adjoined to a breast. After that the sharp movement it is necessary to straighten and extend legs back. As a result the standard emphasis is accepted lying. Then besides the sharp movement it is necessary to return on all fours and as it is possible to push out above a body legs up. Having landed, the starting position is accepted.

It is necessary to carry out about 20 burp before passing to the following exercise.

Whether you know? In a foot of the person there are 112 sheaves, 26 bones and 33 joints. Also there is a set of sinews, branches and blood vessels. Surprisingly, but all this has to earn synchronously during run.


Vyprygivaniya are more complicated option of standard jumps.

It is necessary to work on this exercise in several approaches, alternating it to run or usual jumps. It is also possible to alternate and to other cardioloadings which less power-intensive. Before starting exercise performance, it is necessary to establish legs at shoulder length and to straighten a back. Then deep squat is carried out to touch by hands to a floor then it is necessary to jump out sharply up, being extended to a ceiling by the hands.

It is necessary to land softly, for this purpose it is necessary to prisognut a few the legs, then it is necessary to go to a squat again.

We choose the best time for a training.

It is necessary to carry out this exercise so much on how many there will be enough forces. It not only will give good load of a cardiosystem, but also will help to bring into a tone of a muscle of buttocks and legs.


Exercise Rock-climber is subspecies of push-ups. It is necessary to accept an emphasis lying and to carry out push-ups from a floor. At the same time it is necessary to draw in in turn under itself the left leg, right so that they touched elbows. It is possible to complicate such push-ups, having extended one hand which is opposite to the extended leg, as much as possible forward as if it is carried out polzok on a steep slope.

It is important! It was easier, best of all to put forward hands to pick up for such exercise the sliding surface.

Blows by legs

Blows by legs will very well add kardio a training in the conditions of the house and will be effective not only for men, but also for women. Exercise came to fitness from kickboxing.

For a start it is necessary to accept a starting position. For this purpose legs have to be located at shoulder length, at the same time it is necessary to prisognut knees a little. Hands have to be slightly bent in elbows too, and palms at the level of a jaw are compressed in fists (as at protection in boxing). The essence of this physical exercise is that it is necessary to beat with a heel the direction forward and back (foot has to be reduced), at side blows it is possible to make blows by instep.

It is necessary to make on several blows in each of the directions. At the same time knees in a final phase up to the end do not need to be unbent to avoid a trauma.

Important! Carrying out such exercise, you watch that pets, children and fragile home decoration were not near. Blows have to be carried out with a high amplitude in which a lot of energy invests, so, there is a probability that it is possible not to keep balance and to do someone harm.

Level with a jump

To carry out a level with a jump it is necessary to become for a start exactly, to cramp the shovels and to pull in a stomach. Then it is necessary to bend forward so that palms touched a floor. Now it is necessary to make steps hands till that time until the body is parallel to a floor (position of level). Legs have to fix on tiptoe. Further it is necessary to make a vyprygivaniye of such situation forward, to palms, two legs then back to become straight.

It is possible to complicate the task over time carrying out push-ups, being in level, and after that to do jumps in at one time with rises.

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Such training has to last one minute. It is one of the most effective and strong interval exercises for study of a press.

Carrying out of a hip

Simple, but effective exercise. It is necessary to become directly, having parted legs on width of shoulders. Hands are extended in the parties meanwhile.

Then the left knee should be raised most highly and to offer at the same time right hand forward. Further it is necessary to return to a starting position and to repeat the same with the right leg and the left hand. Carrying out of a hip should be carried out within one minute, trying to be in time to make the maximum number of repetitions, alternating legs.

Rejump in an emphasis

It is necessary to accept for a start a standard position an emphasis lying. A foot of legs it is necessary to hold together. Now both legs, without parting them, it is necessary to tear off from a floor and in a jump to move on half-meter to the left.

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After that besides in a jump it is necessary to return to a starting position, to repeat the same to the right side. Such exercise is recommended to be carried out within one minute.

It should be noted that kardio the training in the conditions of the house is very effective as for combustion of subcutaneous fat, and just for maintenance of the body in a tone. The first results will not keep themselves waiting long and will become noticeable literally in a week. Inflow of blood to bodies and fabrics will amplify after the first intensive training that will give to cheerfulness and also will be able to accelerate a metabolism in an organism. It will improve not only physical shape, but also ease in a body and good mood will appear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team