How to get rid of the flabby stomach after the delivery

How to get rid of the flabby stomach after the delivery

After pregnancy it is possible to notice big changes in many respects, and especially in skin. Perhaps, it suffered most of all. The sharp set of weight during pregnancy promotes sagging of skin on the stomach, the waist and the top part of hands. A lot of time and patience will be required to get rid of these defects. Everything depends on such factors as genes, structure of skin and the number of the weight gained during pregnancy.


1. Grow thin medlennopoterya weight - it is the best that you can make for your skin. But it is necessary to lose it slowly to give to skin more time for recovery of elasticity. Besides, fast loss of weight will negatively affect muscles and it will result in the bigger flabbiness of skin. In the week you have to lose no more than 0.5-1 kilograms.

2. Regular physical uprazhneniyakhotya the body is still weakened after the delivery, you can begin to do simple exercises, such as walks with the carriage on your area or some simple poses from yoga and squat. As soon as your doctor gives green light concerning your health, can focus on power trainings. Choose exercises which are directed directly to stomach muscles. If to go to the gym there is no opportunity, try to find time for run or driving the bicycle, swimming or dances.

3. SamomassazhEzhednevno mass skin nutritious oil to improve blood circulation. Good circulation promotes elasticity of skin. For achievement of the best results, do massage before the bathroom. You apply warm olive or coconut oil directly to skin. Also you can mix several drops of mint or lavender oil in two tablespoons of almond oil and use this mix for skin massage. Almond oil is used for reduction of extensions. Use any of these means 1-2 times a day within several weeks.

4. The aloe of VeraYablochnaya the acid which is contained in the aloe belief helps to improve elasticity of skin. Plus, the aloe the belief perfectly humidifies it. Extract gel from aloe leaves belief to the inanesita it on affected areas of skin. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Then wash away it warm water. Make this procedure once a day.

5. You feed grudyyugrudny milk is the healthy power supply for your child. At the same time, breast feeding helps to burn excess calories, thereby helping you to lose excess weight.

6. Peelings of times in the nedelyupiling stimulates production of collagen and increases elasticity of your skin. And also increases blood circulation and promotes regeneration of new healthy cells of skin.

7. Eat more belkadlya that to tighten skin, it is necessary to focus on strengthening of muscles. Healthy food will help you to build muscles. The amount of protein which you have to eat depends on many factors, for example, from quantity of exercise stresses and also from your growth and weight. Also, perhaps, more protein will be required if you nurse. Consult with your doctor about that how many protein you have to consume. Good sources of protein are bean, cabbage, eggs, fish, chicken, tofu.

8. Adhere to the healthy diyetyesla your skin regularly receives the nutrients necessary for maintenance of its elasticity, you will begin to notice that flabby skin disappears. Eat the products rich with antioxidants, vitamins E and And yes also the Omega-3 and maintain by fatty acids which help to recover quickly skin its elasticity.

9. Drink more vodyvod as the elixir for the body promotes moistening of skin and does it to more elastic. Plus to it water helps the organism to burn calories. Drink water with the lemon and also eat the fruit and vegetables containing the large amount of water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team