How to increase blow force a hand: the best exercises

How to increase blow force a hand: the best exercises

Well put blow is important for the athletes doing various martial arts. In this article we will consider what force of blow and as it is correct to train to achieve desirable result depends on.

What depends on and what muscles are responsible for blow force with a hand

Blow force simple words is the body weight increased by the speed of the movement. At the same time the mass of all involved muscles, and not just hands is important. Let's understand what muscles of parts of a body participate during blow by a hand:

  • legs (calves, quadriceps, hips) — at striking a blow the good point of support, a push and turn, balance, progress which will provide speed is necessary;
  • the press and muscles of a back — allow to keep balance, transmit energy and the directed force of the lower extremities to a shoulder and a brush, constrain return from blow;
  • the chest department is an endurance that influences for the period of deduction of hands on weight during long fight;
  • hands (shoulder and forearm) — their flexion and extensive ability is more important that later blow to manage to turn into protection in time. Hands transfer the speed and effort of all body. The forearm is responsible for the correct position of the fingers compressed in a fist. Than forearms are stronger, especially bones of fingers are strong recorded and respectively less risk to be injured.

Exercises on blow force a hand

For development of necessary force there is a complex of trainings. Let's consider in detail as well as what muscles to train: examples and technology of performance.

Tamping of a ball

Performance requires space and heavy, the basketball is better. Technology of performance:

  1. Legs at shoulder length, case of a straight line.
  2. The ball in hands is lifted over the head.
  3. With the maximum force it is necessary to strike with a shell in a floor, to catch after the ball otpruzhinit.
  4. To repeat action not less than fifteen times.

Important! It is not recommended to carry out tamping in room conditions. The heavy ball can cause a loss to your property, cause inconveniences for neighbors.

Squat with a vyprygivaniye up

Squats can be begun without weighting, in a consequence to perform operations with an additional weight in hands, for example with dumbbells. Technology:

  1. We become directly, hands freely along the case, foot on step width.
  2. We do a squat before formation of a corner between a hip and a knee joint 90 °.
  3. From this situation breakthrough we push out a body up, raising straight arms over the head.

Video: squats with a vyprygivaniye This exercise, as well as described below, carry out so many time how many the level of physical training allows. During the regular trainings the sets and approaches increase.

Pullings up

At a training on development of force of blow, unlike usual pullings up, setting of palms is broader, than shoulders. The best result is achieved if to raise loading, performing operation with weighting compounds.

Important! These trainings in the presence of injuries of brushes and elbows are not recommended, to people with an excess weight: big load of joints.

Push-ups with cottons

This pliometrichesky action is used in trainings by professional athletes (gymnasts, bodybuilders, boxers) for development of speed and endurance of muscle tissues. Sequence of actions:

  1. SP — an emphasis lying.
  2. On a breath we bend hands, approaching a floor.
  3. On an exhalation with a force we make a start from a floor, doing cotton by palms.

Video: push-ups from a floor with cottons: equipment and nuances

Power exits from a level

Strong Jeb or Hook are, first of all, imperceptible for the opponent, the sharp movement. The following exercise will help to gather to you the speed of the movement and sharpness. We carry out according to such scheme:

  1. SP — a level on elbows.
  2. Sharply, with a force push out a body, having accepted a rack on palms.

Read in more detail how quickly to learn to stand on hands.

Hannibal's push-ups

The next occupation except that trains practically all muscles of a body, develops sense of equilibrium. Instruction:

  1. Accept an emphasis lying.
  2. Raising a body on palms, at the same time a jump tighten feet towards hands.
  3. Becoming on feet, touch by palms of knees.

Video: Hannibal's push-ups how to learn

Return push-ups

The return push-ups carry out by means of a sports bench. Sequence of actions:

  1. Get up to a bench a back.
  2. Palms lean on edge of a bench.
  3. Bending and unbending elbows, carry out raising of the case.

Learn as it is correct to carry out the return push-ups and as it is correct to be wrung out from a floor on fists.


Trainings with weights very well develop muscles responsible for bending and extension. Instruction of performance of breakthrough:

  1. On an outstretched arm we place the weight between stupnyam.
  2. The back needs to be held equal.
  3. One breakthrough the hand with the weight needs to be raised over the head.

Breakthrough with a push

Exercise similar previous, but is difference: in breakthrough the weight is showered for the head on a shoulder back, and then is thrown out by a sharp push up.

Raising of the weight up from a sitting position

This set except force, develops balance. Technology of performance:

  1. With a shell on a shoulder, squat, having completely bent knees.
  2. For balance maintenance the free hand is extended before itself.
  3. Raising of the weight, fixing for couple of seconds.
  4. Repetition on other extremity.

Whether you know? The champion on force of blow consider the Samoan boxer David Tua, estimate his Hook's strength in kilograms in figure 1300.

Raising of the weight forward

This action is similar to exercise breakthrough, but at breakthrough the weight rises to the level of a breast and is fixed in such situation. At the correct performance the corner between the case and the hand extended with a shell will make 90 °.

Raising of the weight from lying situation

It is possible to help with this set to itself when performing by a hand, free from the weight. Technology of performance:

  1. Lying on a back, raise a hand with a shell up.
  2. Without changing position of a hand, begin raising of the case.
  3. Rise is carried out, bending legs in turn.

Video: raising of the weight one hand from a prone position

Exercises with a sledge hammer

Such occupation as tamping of tires allows to increase muscular endurance of all large muscles of a body. Helping to lift heavy weight, legs, buttocks, a back work. Everything that it is required a sledge hammer or a hammer with a weight, convenient for you, an old automobile tire. It is necessary to be engaged on the street, having driven previously a tire half in the earth for fixing.

Get acquainted with a set of exercises for development of force.

Following scheme:

  1. Facing directly a tire, clasp with palms the shell handle. One palm is closer to the beating end, the second in the middle of the handle.
  2. At swing by hands, turn feet towards swing.
  3. At blow we do a half-step forward, after back.

Similar exercise can be carried out standing directly, not turning the case or having changed position of palms: having clasped a sledge hammer with both palms with small distance between them.

Video: work with kuvalody - development of force of blow

General recommendations

Exercises for development of explosive blow there is a set, also as well as recommendations about trainings. Let's consider some of them:

  1. Well develop a brush and muscles of fingers of occupation with an expander. At the same time the training has to be daily, the exercise machine choose rigid.
  2. Jumps on a jump rope strengthen legs, a press, back muscles. The above legs rise, the training is more productive.
  3. Work on paws — excellent occupation for development of speed and maneuverability. The same concerns shadow-fighting.
  4. Except the above types of push-ups, also push-ups on fists are effective.

Whether you know? By the most ridiculous blow in boxing consider a swing — at the same time it seems that the boxer just swings hands as a mill. Though the heavyweight Shenon Brigs exactly thanks to a swing managed to gain forty five victories a knockout, at the same time in the first round of fight.

Councils for technology of striking blows:

  1. It is correct to keep knees in a rack a little bent, it will allow to distribute own weight.
  2. Feet always develop towards the movement by a hand (the right fist — the right leg).
  3. If the contact with the rival is closest, the big force and speed will be given by a turn in its party all case. At the same time it is not necessary to bend forward.
  4. Taking away a fist back, doing heavy swing, you thereby warn the opponent about the intention.
  5. The fist during blow has to be clenched as much as possible.

In conclusion: only regular trainings and observance of rules during the occupations will yield the desirable result eventually. Remember that it is necessary to train all groups of muscles, all movements at blow have to be harmonious, simultaneous.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team