How to make the somersault from the wall

How to make the somersault from the wall

Somersault from the wall, or Wall Flip, one of the most beautiful and widespread elements of parkour. Wall Flip is the somersault which is carried out after one or several steps up the wall.


1. There are several types of this element: back, forward, the Arab somersault (sideways from one leg with spin), side from two legs, back or forward with the turn by 180 degrees after the push from the wall, Wall Gainer, Trinity Flip (or the Arab somersault after two – three steps), Palm Flip (the push hands), Rayden (the push the back), Corner Wall Flip (the somersault from the wall corner). To learn to carry out the usual somersault from the wall back, it is better previously to learn to do the somersault back on the plain surface or from the small eminence to manage to overcome fear of turnover back through the head. Also for performance of this element you have to be able to do surely one – two steps up the wall.

2. For performance of the Wall Flip element it is necessary to gain decent speed. Having run up, you take the step on the wall that leg than which it is more convenient you. It is important to take the first step on the wall in performance of this element as it is possible above. The above you will jump on the wall, the you will have more time for turnover implementation. Having put emphasis the first leg, it is necessary "to lay down" on air, having reached position it is perpendicular to the wall, and at once to put on it the second leg, but at small distance from the first.

3. Further it is important to make the powerful arms swing and to reject the head back – it is necessary to give energy to the movement for good turning. Besides, if you don't reject the head back, you can fall on it and injure the neck. Landing has to be carried out on prisognuty legs in knees not to be traumatized.

4. The main mistakes made when performing the somersault from the wall back it is bad running start, the low jump on the wall, the bad deviation of the body back, lack of the deviation of the head back, the gentle swing by hands.

5. When performing any acrobatic exercises you remember that you can suffer the serious injury. Therefore be careful and you learn to perform tricks in specially equipped halls under close attention of the coach. If you were going to carry out any elements of parkour on the street, ask friends that they you secured.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team