How to roll up bandage for boxing

How to roll up bandage for boxing

For the warning of dislocation or stretching of the thumb before putting on boxing gloves, it is necessary to bandage hands. Bandage are the first layer in the defense system of hands. They fix bones and the wrist, support them in the certain situation and give them the compact and most convenient form.


1. There are two types of bandage offered on sale: gauze which call Mexican today, and traditional cotton. When choosing give preference Mexican as they are more better. These bandage have the convenient system of fixing, on them special triggers are fixed and there are loops that does wrapping by simpler. Besides, they are elastic, repeat the hand contour, literally clinging to it. As the bandage support the hand and defend it in kicks.

2. Take bandage, place the hand thumb in its loop and pull along the brush back in the direction from yourself. Wrap up the wrist two-three times. Make sure thatMake sure that bandage comfortably and conveniently fits all wrapped-up places and doesn't create folds.

3. After that direct the tape on the back of the wound hand in the direction from the thumb to the little finger. Wind time two-three the brush completely to record joints of fingers.

4. Begin bandaging of fingers with the little finger. At first run the tape between the little finger and the ring finger.

5. To wind the thumb, at first wrap up once bandage around the wrist, and already then around the thumb, it is obligatory from the back, then once again around the finger.

6. Overwind bandage the eight around the hand back between two fingers — big and index. Once again wind with the bandage rest the wrist and record the ends the velcro.

7. Check quality. Bandage shouldn't prevent spin of the hand, but at the same time, has to adjoin conveniently and densely to the hand. In the unclenched position of the hand the tape shouldn't squeeze the brush, and in position of the clenched fist has to pull together the hand well.

8. Remember that bandaging of hands is your prevention of injuries of bones of the hand. You have to learn to perform this procedure as only you can feel density and regulate the bandage tension at the winding. If bandage is tightened too hardly, the hand will begin to swell up and become numb. Weak bandaging won't defend your brush and bandage will be displaced.

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