How to strengthen the shot power

How to strengthen the shot power

It is important to understand to the beginning athletes that not only the body weight, but also inertia which occurs at the time of kick is important for strengthening of kick. It is the key moment in the fighting direction which to us will help to make kick more powerful. There are also some more important rules for strengthening of power of kick.

It is required to you

  • - Gym;
  • - coach;
  • - gloves;
  • - dumbbells and post.


1. Put all weight of the body in kick. To be got hit much more powerfully, than you expect. Irrespective of as far as you are trained or not. If you are familiar with boxing, then you probably heard such concept "the athlete pushes with the hand". It means that this boxer, striking blows, doesn't put in them the mass of the body. Of course, such kicks can't send the opponent to the knockout. Therefore, when drawing any kick continue progress of all body. Take the step forward or turn all case around the foot.

2. Count not only on the muscles at kick, but also train sinews! Many think that the more muscles, the are stronger kick. Just on the contrary – if you download bicepses, then they won't be able sharply to become straight and make the biting movement. Therefore, pay much attention not only to the rating of muscles, but also the hitch, extensions and gantelny tendinous gymnastics. It is recommended to do tendinous exercises on A. Zass's system.

3. Begin the kicks from the lower part of the body. When we are tired, often we feel how legs are late. That is why it is extremely important to work over force of legs. They are just necessary to us for the message forward. If you carry out kick from the top part of the building, then you won't be able to strengthen kick as the lower part will lag behind and disturb.

4. Include the movement at kick. It many times over will increase their force. But you remember that when you begin to move any subject, and then you try to slow down it, you inevitably fight against its inertia. It isn't necessary to do it at kick! Don't fight against inertia. Means, you should continue at striking a blow the movement through the purpose, at the same time, without stopping at intermediate stages. See off the kick, and you will see as far as its power will increase!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team