Pilates: trainings for lazy

Pilates: trainings for lazy

Pilates is one of fitness techniques which was developed by the American of the German origin Josef Pilates. This system includes exercises for all parts of the body when which performing the special part is assigned to breath.

It is considered that Pilates will be suitable for people of any age and level of physical training, besides the opportunity to be traumatized, being engaged in Pilates, is practically excluded.

Pilates and weight loss

Despite the seeming ease of exercises, occupations Pilates perfectly develop force and endurance. Your body becomes flexible, the bearing improves, the metabolism accelerates, besides, regular trainings promote the correct work of internals. You will be able to feel it approximately in the month of daily trainings. And now several general exercises. It is necessary to repeat each exercise 8 times, it is necessary to move smoothly.

1. Extension of legs

Lay down on the back, raise legs and bend in knees. Raise the top part of the building and tighten to legs. Extend the right leg parallel to the floor. On the breath tighten the right leg to the case. Now repeat exercise for the left leg.

2. Side level

Lean on the right hand, the basin and legs are on the floor. Place foot of the right leg behind left. On the exhalation tear off legs and the basin from the floor, and raise the left hand up. The body has to be extended to the flat line. Record the body in such situation for several seconds. Repeat the level on other side.

3. Level from the knee

Get up on all fours, put emphasis on straight arms. On the exhalation at the same time straighten the right hand and the left leg so that they were parallel to the floor. Don't cave in, you hold the spipa directly. Return to the home position and change the hand and the leg.

4. Humeral bridge

Lay down on the back, bend legs, extend hands along the body. Lift the basin. The case has to be extended to the flat line.

5. Leg circles

Lay down on the back, place hands along the body. Bend legs, as for the humeral bridge. Lift the case only to shovels (shovels remain on the floor) and at the same time right leg. Draw with the sock of the leg in air of 5 circles at first in one, then in other party. Fall to the home position, repeat for the left leg.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team